Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Miss Spring Jam 2014!

This past Saturday was Cohen's 2nd baton competition in Anderson, S.C.  She was so excited to get to compete again and even though the morning started off very rough for us (think whining and crying as we get ready), Cohen did absolutely wonderful at the competition.  Baton competitions are a little different and can be confusing when you explain the awards to someone.  Cohen competes for a title in her age division which consists of 3 scores from modeling, marching/strut, and her baton solo.  She also does each of these events in open competition, for example open marching, open solo. So all together she models at least twice, marches twice, and does her solo twice and most of the time each one is in front of a different judge.  You may be great for one judge and not so great for another. It was hard for me to learn and we are still learning a lot as we go to each competition.  I tell her as long as she is having fun we will go and she loves it!  This past weekend Cohen really amazed me and she WON her title for her age group.   Since this was only her second competition we were so proud for her.  Throughout the day you are only made aware of the open event scores and its not until the end that you find out the title winners.  When they called her name for first place I really just wanted to run to her but there were still more awards to hand out so I had to wait, but I was so excited for her and she was excited too!  She loved her big pink trophy, and really loved the Easter basket she won with a big chocolate bunny in it.  I think the Easter basket had caught her eye from the moment we got to the competition.  Mrs. Amy, her teacher, laughs and says she can always get good results from Cohen when she bribes her with candy bars, so maybe the chocolate bunny had caught her eye too!  Either way we were thrilled for our little twirler and so proud of her.  She also brought home the 5-6 modeling queen trophy so she got to add 2 trophies and 2 medals to her room.  The medals had come from her open modeling and marching.
Cohen had modeled 3 times that morning and the first 2 times she had really did a great job.  The last time she modeled I think she barely even had a smile on her face.  I told her she had to keep that smile on and that not smiling would show in her score and it had.  She had only been 5th place in that particular event.  I think seeing that really helped her though because when she went out for her next marching events that smile was back on and she was 2nd place.  Both were open events and at the end of the day we saw she had placed 1st in both modeling and marching in her title events which sealed that win.  Cohen's teammate Mya was 2nd place!  Mya had an awesome day and actually had a no drop solo!  These girls are AMAZING!   I'm so glad Cohen has made such sweet friends too.  Mrs. Amy is the best teacher and is so good with these girls.  We couldn't be prouder to be apart of All the Right Moves!
Getting ready to model

Cohen & Mya--TOP 2!

2014 Miss Spring Jam 0-6 Title Win!

Cohen & Mrs. Amy

All the Fabulous girls from ATRM

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