Monday, April 21, 2014

Kate's Library Egg Hunt & Egg Dyeing Fun

Last Wednesday was our regular library day.  This week would be their Easter egg hunt.  Miss Jordan read them their Easter books then everyone made a little bunny craft while she hid the eggs.  Thanks to winter showing back up we had to hunt eggs inside.  The weather has just been awful!  Lucky for the kids, they love hunting eggs anywhere so they seemed just fine with it.  Kate was thrilled to find that inside her eggs was a little play frog and little rubber snake.   Those are right up her alley.  She also opened 2 suckers to taste them both.  
A group shot attempt

Carolina & Kate

You can see a yellow frog in one hand & green snake in the other!
Thursday Carolina came over to dye eggs and make another Easter craft with Kate.  The girls made handprint bunnies and then dyed eggs, all in between some playtime of course.  I think they were both amazed at how strong vinegar smells!  They did love watching the eggs change colors too.  Its fun because I feel like Kate is really enjoying everything so much this year.  I love dyeing eggs and will be doing it again with Cohen.  It just worked out this year to do it separate with each girl which worked out fine.  I feel like it gave me a little one on one fun time with each.

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