Monday, April 7, 2014

I.N.K. Fun

Thursday and Friday were the 2 whole days Cohen was getting for spring break.  Since we had so many days out for snow and only go on a 160 day calendar, spring break was quickly lost!   I hated that the kids lost those days but I know there isn't many more days left before the whole school year will end!  Thursday we had a down day here around the house.  I had debated doing something with the girls but I know sometimes they really just love being home playing with each other and that is what we did.  Friday we did have plans.  Sara had asked us to go to I.N.K. in Gainesville with her and the girls for a little early celebration for Addison's birthday.  I.N.K. is a lot like the children's museum and the girls really had a ball running from room to room playing with everything.  I think Kate enjoyed the vet room the most.  My little animal lover.  Cohen and Savannah seemed to enjoy every room!  Aunt Vicki came to join us in the fun too!  After playing a little while she brought in lunch and then they were back to playing again.  After we left we made a stop at Grannie and Papa's house before coming home.  Both girls had a blast and I thought would pass out in the car but they didn't!  When we got home they were ready to play outside then we went to have dinner with the Harbin's.  I think day 2 of spring break was definitely a fun one for them!
grocery shopping

Doctor Cohen

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All the girls having fun in the vet room

Waiting on Aunt Sara at the bank

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