Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lavonia Christmas Parade

Sunday was the Lavonia Christmas parade and Cohen was in it with her Baton/dance studio.  She was real excited about the parade and even asked if they would be wearing their costumes, but I had to remind her that in the parade they wore their dance sweatshirts.  The exciting part was that this year she would be marching and twirling because she was 5.  Last year she rode in the truck and loved it and was a little disappointed that she wouldn't get to throw out candy but she handled it ok.  She did ask me several times if I thought she would be able to walk that long ways and I assured her it wasn't as long as it looked but I was a little worried about her tiring out.  She did great though!  We were towards the end of the route and when she got to us we yelled her name and waved and she gave us a quick (wide-eyed) wave and then was back to concentrating hard on her twirling routine and keeping up.  We got a kick out of that.  She was definitely "in the zone".   We pulled her out a little past where we stood and she got to watch the end of the parade and join in the candy collecting.  She liked that and her only complaint was that her wrist was tired.  I bet so!
Kate absolutely loved the parade!  She found out real quick that everyone throws candy out and she was so excited.  She started a little pile on her stroller and squealed with excitement when she found a sucker, or tootsie roll.  I'll store these in the candy pile that I use for rewards when she potties, which has not been a lot here lately.  It was precious watching her wave to everyone though.  She was really fascinated.  It turned out to be a great day for a parade too.  I love the start of the Christmas season and all the activities that come along with it!
Kate and her candy stash

Waving at the parade

It took a minute to find Cohen so I didn't really get any good pictures...not to mention she glanced our way for approximately 1 second.

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