Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cohen's Choir Musical

Last Sunday was Cohen's choir musical at church.  We have been listening to these songs for months now.  They were really good songs and these kids have all worked really hard.  They did a great job too!  The musical was "The Light Has Come".  It was a birthday party for Jesus.  This fall was Cohen's first year in the "big" choir.  She was in the preschool choir before.  This meant she would sing all the songs and she and Savannah sang a solo/duet together.  They sounded so sweet.  I could have cried watching my baby sing, especially when you stop and think about the true meaning behind the song they are singing.  It was precious to watch and she loves to sing!
Singing their solo
Kate & Addison just loved on each other during the musical

She was so happy Brock was there to watch her

& excited Jessica was there too! 
Best Friends!  Cohen & Josie
Afterwards there was another show to watch...Kate & Autumn had some fun with the balloons that were used for the decorations.  These 2 were tackling the balloons like little balloon wrestlers.  It was hilarious, especially since their hair was sticking up everywhere.  Then they found out the balloons would float a little in the air and that was really fascinating!  It was a sight to see.  Kate loved her balloons so much that they came home with us and had to be in the bed with her that night.  Of course they were down by morning and she kept saying to me "won't work mama, not foat".   Precious baby girl!
They were all into getting these balloons!

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Going home with balloons!
Sleeping with the balloons

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