Thursday, December 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Kelly!

Yesterday we celebrated Kelly's birthday!!  We love birthdays in our house only because it gives us a reason to have a party.  This year we rented out the bowling alley at Emmanuel College so we could have a bowling party.  Kelly wanted to do this over anything so we did!  It is a very nice place to have a party or just to go bowling, so I highly recommend it.  It is great for the kids too!  Papa Johns is inside the building and they are great to work with.  We had a blast bowling and eating pizza, and most importantly Kelly loved it.  We will definitely be doing it again I'm sure!  You would never know by the pictures that it was Kelly's birthday...somehow the kids are always the focus point :)
Happy Birthday to love that new hat!!
Kate & Addison had fun dancing...who needs bowling balls!

Kate loves Elliott, even when she is giving him tough love!

Be scared! 

Addison was trying to give Kate some love

Kate figured out that air blew out of the ball holder and voila! a new place to sit/lay

Going after Elliott again! He's a good sport!

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