Friday, November 16, 2012

Cohen's Preschool Thanksgiving Feast, Singing at Church, and Emma Arrives!

Today was Cohen's Thanksgiving feast at preschool.  She has been singing all of her songs for the last few weeks.  The 3 and 4 year old classes sing together, the 3's are the Indians and the 4's are the Pilgrims.  This year Cohen had told me she wouldn't get to wear her Indian necklace because she was a pilgrim.  She had a little pilgrim bonnet to wear instead.  Both Cohen & Kate have had a touch of the stomach bug this week so Cohen has been out of school the last 3 days.  I was hoping she would be better today but didn't know for sure.  Luckily she was much better yesterday afternoon and today felt ready to head back to school.  I'm still praying Kelly and I don't get hit with it.  I have a wedding to photograph tomorrow so I'm really hoping it stays away!
The kids did so well with all their songs today and afterwards got to enjoy a good Thanksgiving meal.  Cohen informed me it wasn't lunch, it was snack because they had not had snack yet.  It is so funny how this girl looks forward to snack time at school.  She is out of school all next week so we are looking forward to more fun time at home and celebrating Thanksgiving!

Playing on the stage was more fun than eating :)

Cohen's Thanksgiving placemat

Cutest little pilgrim!

This past Sunday, the First Friends preschoolers sang at church in both church services.  They sang several of their Thanksgiving songs.  They all did so good!  Its always so cute to watch them get up on the stage and look out at all the people.  They get so shy.  Cohen cracked me up doing her best to hold her smile in!  She would suck her cheeks in for some reason.  This is the same girl who turns on the smile for her dance/baton performances though!  I'm not sure what her reasoning is but we get a kick out of it.  She even had her hand on her hip at one point, which is another new gesture she does when she gets around people.  There's no doubt that she doesn't lack for any sassiness!
Notice the hand is on the hip!

Singing in the traditional service
With all the sickness this week, I have had a lot of time to work at home and get all of our Christmas decorations out.  I had most of them out already but we did finish decorating the tree.  Cohen has been asking when her elf might come back and with the decorations up and sickness gone for her, the elf decided to show up this morning!  Cohen was so excited to find "Emma" waiting right on her stocking holder which is where she started last year :)  

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