Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Very COLD Field Trip and Halloween Dance Class

Monday was Cohen's preschool field trip to Jaemor Farms.  What normally would have been a fun time for the kids turned into a very cold and windy one thanks to the hurricane winds we were getting.  It was down right freezing!  The kids did get to go on a hay ride and see the pumpkin patch but everyone had to huddle close to stay warm.  Cohen decided sitting with me wasn't warm enough so half way through the ride she snuck over to her friend Keely and got under her blanket to try to get a little warmer :)  The good thing about Jaemor Farms is the huge market store they have, and it is inside :)  We got to get some of our favorite apples and try their version of apple cider donuts :)  One fun part of the day was riding up with her friend Brody (who she also claims she is going to marry).   I enjoyed riding with Courtney and getting to catch up with her.
Cohen & Keely all bundled up and trying to stay warm!

Cohen, Kaylyn and Grayson

Having fun on the big pumpkins!

Monday night was dress up day at Cohen's dance class.  Everyone got to wear their Halloween costume to class and at the end of class they had a little Halloween party.  Cohen was so excited!  This was the first time she got to wear her ladybug costume and she loved seeing all the other girls dressed up, including the teachers.  She kept telling me what everyone was.  Cohen has her 2 classes back to back so she got 2 snacks!  She loves to eat especially sweets so she was in heaven!
Cohen & Rylie

Enjoying their party snack

Baton class

silly faces!

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