Sunday, November 11, 2012

How 'Bout Them DAWGS!! SEC East Champions!

There we are in the middle of one fun celebration as we watched our Bulldawgs clinch the SEC East!  I think I'm trying to video on my phone...which I quickly stopped doing right after this and just enjoyed the fun of our win.  Georgia beat Auburn 38-0! GO DAWGS!
We had the best time yesterday traveling to Auburn with several of our good friends.  Away games are so much fun to me and I had not been to Auburn before.  It is now ranked up there in my all time favorite games :) We got to the stadium early enough to watch the players come in on the buses and then had some time to hang out before the game started.  Most of that spent watching other games on T.V.  During the game, Kelly and I were sitting with Alan and Jennifer and about the 3rd quarter we decided we needed to start moving down towards the front row because we were right in the end zone at Georgia's locker room.  We knew we were looking at a win and with the win came clinching the SEC East which meant a celebration after the game!  Jennifer and I moved down first and were on the 3rd row.  We had a few Auburn fans in front of us so we had our eyes set on their spots as soon as they left.  They stayed throughout most of the 4th quarter but once they left we jumped right down on the front row and there we were when the game ended and a lot of the players headed our way to celebrate!  Christian Robinson was one of the first ones there and that is when the picture was taken.  It was great being able to see all of our big players coming over to celebrate.  We yelled right there with them and lived it up!  As always....It's Great to Be a Georgia Bulldawg!!!  Now on to Atlanta we go :)
I can't say enough how much I enjoy going to these games with great friends like Alan and Jennifer.  We have some great memories!  GOOOOOO DAWGS!

Our group...gotta love the man in the back who jumped in it!

Our spots on the wall ;)
Another celebration picture...Kelly & I are in the corner

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