Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween Fun!

I'm a little late getting this Halloween post up!  We had a fun Halloween.  Its always a busy day with a lot going on but we love it!  Halloween started at the preschool.  Cohen had a pumpkin hunt, decorated the one she found, the kids had trunk-or-treat, then finished with a party in the classroom.  I always love seeing how cute everyone is in their costumes.  Cohen was excited about all the candy she got and couldn't wait to get home to eat some!

Off to find a pumpkin 

Decorating her pumpkin


Cohen & Brody :)
Cohen & Kaylyn
 After school we had a few quiet hours at home before we went to the fall festival downtown and then on to our church.  Kate skipped out on the downtown fun and stayed with Kelly so it was just me and Cohen.  There wasn't a lot for her to do downtown but they were giving train rides and she was all over that!  This is the same train she rode at the town fall festival.  She begged Suzy to ride with her so I enjoyed getting to see them ride on this little train!
My little Lady Bug!

Sweet strawberry

Halloween cousins
Cohen & Suzy on their train ride!

That night we had a Halloween party at church.  There was a chili cook-off, games, crafts, and a cake walk!  Cohen won a cake so I'm pretty sure that was the highlight of her night!  We went to trick-or-treat with my Nanny and then with Jarrett and Hazel after church so that topped off the fun night.  Kate gave out while we were at Jarrett and Hazel's so we had to end our visit and get her home to bed. It was a fun night for all of us!
Making a mask with Bebe

My cake winner! Notice the yummy cake pops that she won too...Mama's favorite :)

Over the weekend we extended Halloween and had our neighborhood party.  This is probably my favorite thing we do around Halloween.  I love getting together with our neighbors.  We all always have a fun time.  We eat soup and sandwiches and the kids trick-or-treat, play games, and then this year we did a night hay ride!  They also got to trick-or-treat a little different this year.  Westley cut a little maze in the field and we had candy buckets throughout the maze for them to find and get candy out of. As long as candy is involved they love it!
A funny story...I was having a hard time finding the kids' costumes and we were rushing around.  I told Cohen she may have to wear some of her dress-up clothes, which she loved that idea.  I did find the costumes hidden in their clothes baskets but by that time she did not want to be a lady bug anymore, she was set on going as Sleeping Beauty.  I was fine with it if she was.  She went into the playroom by herself and got dressed while I was on the costume search and here she comes walking to me all dressed up with little play heels on and her crown!  I couldn't help but smile at how cute she looked and she was proud of herself so we went with it!
We had such a fun time and I was reminded again at how thankful I am for all of our wonderful neighbors!  I don't know what I would do without them!
group picture of the kids...I had to hide behind Meg to get a picture so Kate wouldn't see me.  It worked for a second!

Getting their instructions for the trick-or-treat maze

Cohen & Sam at one of the candy buckets

Kate figured it out quick too!  She was on a hunt for suckers!

Ready for our night hay ride

Cohen won this candy corn jar by guessing how many was in there

Bobbing for apples...Cohen had to have a little help reaching one!

Neighborhood girls!  Love these ladies!

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