Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

Saturday we finally got to carve our pumpkins!  We had bought pumpkins earlier in the week, one big one and a little one for Cohen.  Jessica came over to carve with us and we just made a day of it.  We watched the GA game which was a great win!  I had a picture session at the park, so Cohen got to go since Jessica said she would watch her on the playground.  It was a beautiful day and we ended it with some fun pumpkin carving.  Jessica and I decided on a cute surprise face for our pumpkin and had our work cut out for us (literally) when we started carving it!  We had to admit though that we really liked the finished, lit product.
I asked Cohen if she wanted to draw the face on her pumpkin and we would carve it for her. She said yes but actually drew a smiley face on it so we had to turn it around and carve a face on the other side.  It was precious to see her drawn face though!  She even drew the pumpkin an ear which she wanted to make sure we saw.  Now we have to cute jack-o-lanterns just in time for Halloween!
Celebrating the GA win!!

Cohen's face says it all when she saw inside the pumpkin

Kate had to investigate too!

Drawing the face
This was Cohen's face on her pumpkin...notice the ear on the side :)

Finished pumpkins

Imitating our pumpkin's face

All lit up!

I have to add one of Kate that was taken earlier.  She now faces forward in her car seat, which she loves!  She was playing with a pair of sunglasses, which she also loves, and when I stopped the car to get her out, this is exactly how she looked.

 Cohen had a birthday party earlier in the day on Saturday and the highlight for her was getting to sing karaoke.  This child loves to sing and dance and has no shame in doing it.  Here she is singing at the party...

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