Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Brock!!!

Double Digits!!
Last Saturday we celebrated Brock's 10th birthday!!  (I know I'm a little behind on this post, but life is so busy this time of year!)  Can I just say that I cannot believe my little Brock is 10!  I saw a picture of him holding Cohen when she was born and I realized that she is now almost as old as he was when she was born.  He is such a special boy to us though and I just soak it all in.  We celebrated his birthday here at our house with some of his friends.  We actually had to plan last minute because of football.  His team is still in the playoffs and have yet to be beaten!  Lets hope that continues.  And guess what these boys wanted to do at the football!  I love it!  They took a small time out to eat lunch and then to have cake but that was it.  I thought for sure food was a no brainer for boys but they were much more interested in playing.  We had a lot of fun and I can't thank everyone enough that helped make Brock's day special.  He said he felt so "old" now that he was a decade old.  I can remember feeling that same I have to laugh at him.  Brock is such a fun boy though and I am so proud of him and everything he has done in his 10 whole years!  He has a great outlook on life, loves GOD, his family, and loves people...what more could you ask for?!  Happy 10th Birthday B-Rock!

While the party was in full swing, Cohen and Candler were in their own happy world!  These 2 cracked me up.  Here they are playing "crack the egg" on the little trampoline.


Paula and her look-a-like...Devin

Kelly loved every minute of playing football with these boys

He's getting so big!

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