Monday, October 1, 2012

Cohen's First Dance/Baton Performance

Saturday, Cohen's dance class performed at the Lavonia Fall Festival.  This was her "first" performance since she started these classes.  She was so excited to get to perform.  Her teachers had told their class that a lot of people would be there to watch.  She had asked me every day if it was the festival day.  Saturday morning she really slept a lot later than I had thought she would so we were rushing around to get her ready.  I knew she was tired so I let her sleep as long as she could.
She did such a good job and we were so proud of her.  She did her routines so good and smiled while she was doing them.  She told me she loved festivals ;)  I think she was the most excited about having her friend Josie come home with us after the festival.  She was spending the night with us and Cohen had also been looking forward to that all week.  We walked around the festival for a little bit.  It started raining on us a few times so I was really wanting to get going.  Kate was also getting hungry so she was getting fussy.  Cohen had a fit to ride this little train and of course we had to stand in line to ride it. She loved it though and was so excited to ride it.  I think that was the only thing she really wanted to do so Kate and I took one for the team and stood in the rain for her to do it :)  Luckily the rain was light and would stop pretty quickly after it started.  After the ride we grabbed some lunch and headed to Hartwell for Brock's football game.  I haven't been able to post any pictures of him playing yet but I will soon!  His team is undefeated and they have beat most of the teams they have played by a large amount of points!  They are a great team and I'm so proud of him.   I love football so it is fun to go watch him play.  We finished our day watching the GA game and spending time with Brad and Rebekah.  We took some cute pictures of Nolan since he just turned 1 and even got some cute ones of him and Kate together.  After a delicious dinner I packed the kids up to come home.  I got a taste of what having 3 kids would be like and I really admire all of my friends who have 3!  Its a lot different especially when your getting them places by yourself!  Kelly was at the GA game but we managed just fine and the kids were really good.  Another fun fall weekend!!

I didn't have a good shot while she was twirling.  I was busy watching too so I only got a few pictures.

Someone else was ready to twirl...

Riding on the train!

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