Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Carnival Fun

Last night I took Cohen & Kate to Brock's elementary school carnival.  The PTO did a great job organizing this fall carnival.   Cohen had a blast and Kate was good for me the whole time we were there.  Cohen's friend Brooke also goes to Central Franklin Elementary so Cohen was so excited to get to walk around and play games with her.  They both played games, went through the jump houses, got their faces painted and most exciting of "hoo hair".  When we got to the carnival Brooke already had "hoo hair" and immediately Cohen started asking to have hers done.  To get "hoo" hair, you have to have your hair put up (with the help of a cup), pipe cleaners put in, and most important...all different colors sprayed in!  After making sure this indeed would wash out, I gave in and let her do it.  After a couple of turns through the bounce slide and obstacle course Cohen had lost the cup keeping her hair sticking straight up, but we improvised and she kept right on going.  She really had so much fun.  I love fall carnivals and its so much fun getting to experience these events with my kids.  I remember how much fun I had doing them when I was younger.  I think that is why I love Halloween so much.  There is just so much fun to have during this time of the year!

Taking it all in

Apple toss...caught her getting this one in :)

Getting her "hoo hair"


2 Cuties with wild hair!

She picked a pumpkin for face painting
One last game before heading home...cup stacking

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