Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fire Truck Visit!

Today was an exciting day at preschool!  The fire truck came to the school!   Cohen has been talking about this all week.  They have been learning about fire safety this week at school and today they got to see a real fire truck!  Even though the truck came last year, the kids still get excited like its the first time they've seen it.  They all also turn very shy as soon as the firemen start talking and the big red truck is right there.  Several kids did eventually go through the truck, including Cohen, but they were so hesitant at first.  Cohen had even asked me if I thought she would be able to get in the truck.  It was a fun day for them though and a great way to end the week.  We have the rest of this week off for fall break.  We are going camping for a couple of days so that should be interesting and will call for  a blog post I'm sure!

Walking out in their fire hats to see the truck

Kate was more excited to see the class...she kept waving to everybody

I wanted to add a few more pictures that are really just a few randoms.  This one is of Cohen before bedtime.  She kept watching me work and asked that I take her picture so of course I did!  She is so funny.  I'm really enjoying her so much!  I really have to mention how she has gotten into Legos here lately.  We had bought a tub of little Legos for her when we were in Charlotte a few weeks ago, and that turned out to be the best investment ever!  She has since gotten the Lego Friends camper with some of her reward money and Bebe's help :)  I have to say I like Legos too so we have had some fun building this camper.  Of course she builds it then tears it apart to start over!  Legos have come a long way since I was a child...but that has been a few years ago ;)

Getting her money out to buy her new Legos
And now for some pictures of wild thing...Kate!  This baby girl is growing way too fast.  She is so funny right now.  Her personality is shining through so much.  She just babbles about everything.  She LOVES a playground.  Sliding is at the top of the list and the bicycle merry-go-round at church.  She also likes swings, but it has to be the big swings.  She has no interest in the baby swings. Go figure!  On Sunday she managed to get out of her baby bed by herself!  We were still asleep when I heard her talking in her bed.  The next thing I heard was this...Uh...then it was just little feet running down the hall.  I wish so bad I could have seen how she got out or if she fell or what.  The next morning when I was getting Cohen up for school she woke up and I went to grab the camera to see if she would crawl out but instead Cohen ran in there and climbed in the bed with her.  So instead I got a morning shot of the 2 of them.  Kate has the funniest hair in the mornings!  You can see a little of that personality in all of these pictures.
Good morning!  My 2 sunshines!

Best friends

She loves my sunglasses and will wear them upside down usually
Riding on the bicycles

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