Friday, September 28, 2012

Kate's First Haircut

Annie & Kate after her haircut!
Yesterday Kate had her very first hair cut!  I decided it was past time and called my best friend LeAnne to do the job.  Kate's hair is a lot different from Cohen's.  Cohen had cute little curls at the bottom of her hair and Kate's hair is just like mine...straight as a stick!  Bless her little heart!  It was getting pretty long in the back and starting to be a baby mullet so we knew it was time for a trim.  Its also very long on the side/front of her face but I know we have to deal with this while its growing out.  Right now she has a "pebbles" ponytail almost every day.  I really just don't know what else to do with it.  I love it though and she rocks her little ponytail :)
After lunch we headed over to see "Annie" at the shop.  Kate was getting so sleepy and it was so funny because the entire time LeAnne was trimming her hair it looked like Kate was going to be put to sleep.  She did so good!!   I think she was in a trance.  Maybe it felt so good to have someone else comb her hair and cut it but whatever it was she did an awesome job.  We all just laughed at her because she had these funny looks on her face.  LeAnne would talk to her and get right down at her and she would just sit so still and stare.  She is too funny.  Needless to say her "first" haircut was a success and we'll see how fast it grows now until we need haircut #2.
Getting ready...marshmallows and all

Sitting so still

making her serious face while Annie talks to her

I also have to add a couple of snapshots I've taken over this past week.  The first one is Kate sporting a bunny mask of Cohen's.  She loves to wear dress up items on her head and now she has discovered the fun of these masks.  If I put one on she will laugh and laugh at me.  I just happened to get the cutest picture of her putting the mask on.  Its so big on her that it only stays in place for a few seconds.
The second picture is of Kate trying to help Cohen with her trash chore.  Cohen helps empty the trash cans each week and she gets a reward on her reward chart plus Kelly gives her $1.  This is a big deal to her.  This week Kate decided she was going to help out and she picked up the trash can under my desk and walked away with it.  I'm pretty sure she came right back still carrying the trash can but it was so funny to watch her.  I told her to take the trash to sissy and she started to, but then decided having her sissy chase her for it would be more fun.  The fun sisters can have!

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