Monday, September 17, 2012

What We've Been Up To...

We have been on the go with our fall schedule lately.  We are getting settled into a routine each week, and things are definitely busy.   I had a few pictures and stories that I wanted to post since this is like my online journal!
These pictures are from last Sunday when we went to church with Nana for her 80th birthday.  I had forgotten to post them earlier last week.  It was so special for Nana to have her family with her at church and we enjoyed being there with her on her special day!  She is so special to us so its fun to be able to see her so excited and happy.  I was also able to snap a quick picture of the girls.  They are both just getting so big!

I have some pictures to share on each girl too.  I'll start with Cohen.  I don't do updates on Cohen each month and in reality she is learning and changing so much too!  She is really into so much right now.  She is so interested in learning things.  She has workbooks that we do that helps her with her words, math, and letters and numbers.  I still think she is going to be my little smartie.  She is also real big into Legos right now.  She will sit and build houses with her legos or whatever the book shows.  We call her our little architect.  As long as Kate keeps them out of her mouth we are good!  Cohen still loves to do puzzles and can do big puzzles with a lot of pieces, and is very good at them.  Of course she is loving her babies and Barbies too!  It amazes me how fast she is growing.  I'm really enjoying my time at home with her.  On our way to gymnastics last week Cohen and Savannah were asking me questions and got to talking about what they wanted to be when they grew up.  Cohen told me she was going to be a 2nd grade teacher.  I laughed because she was so exact on saying what grade.  When I asked her why 2nd grade she told me it was because "2 was her favorite number."
Another Cohen story, Saturday night we were watching the Georgia game and she came to me with Kelly's GA hat and her baby doll.  She put the baby in the cap and told me she was taking her baby's newborn picture :)  I loved it because she has watched me do newborn sessions with babies and has seen them in hats, baskets and anything else I may use.  Just a reminder of how observant she is!  She then took her dolls and posed them for me to take pictures of them.  She is so funny sometimes.

Yesterday, Cohen got to go to her friend Ramsey's 5th birthday party.  It was a swim party and she loved getting to swim again.  It had been a while since she had been swimming.  I think it reminded her of how much she loves it because she told me she wanted to get her baby pool back out and she also was ready to go back to the beach.  That's my girl for sure!

Happy Birthday Ramsey!!

And now for Kate!  My little daredevil!  Kate is the most precious thing.  I love this stage she is at.  She is into everything but its so cute watching her learn new things.  Not only is she learning new words, but she is learning what things are, how to do things, and how to figure things out.  Its amazing to watch her play.  She loves to line her toys up in a row.  She is real big into Sesame Street right now too.   This is about the only time she will sit still for a long amount of time.  She loves Elmo and just points to the T.V. and babbles.   Her new word is "more" which she says "muh, muh".  She has pointing down pat which also lets me know what she wants.  She loves to find her glow worm or baby doll that you have to mash their belly to do something and bring them to me for me to make them make sounds.  I can show her the spot to press and she will try to do it and sometimes she does.  She will then smile so big because she's so proud of herself.  Lately she is into wearing a crown on her head.  She gets into the dress up clothes and finds her a tiara and wears it.  Now she mostly puts it on upside down or backwards but it is so cute to watch her.  One thing we have got to do very soon is get her hair trimmed.  It is really getting long and she has a baby mullet going on back there :)

Today Kate kept coming to me and pointing at the microwave in her little kitchen.  She wanted me to mash the buttons or pick her up so she could reach them.  Every time I put her down she would stretch so hard to reach them but came up so short each time.  I pushed her princess ride-on over to the kitchen thinking she could use it as a stool but we had to leave to go get Cohen before I could show her.  Later this afternoon this is what I saw...she figured it out on her own :)  This little girl is smart, and has no fear with anything.  Climbing on this was a piece of cake.

Saturday morning we took a trip back to Sky Top apple orchard with Kelly's family.  I'm always up for a donut and slushie run!  We had to be back early in the afternoon so it was a quick trip.  We ran into some friends of ours from Charlotte, Scott and Laura!  It was a nice surprise to see them.  Scott and Kelly had worked together in Charlotte.  It really is a small world!  This trip was more crowded but of course we managed to get some yummy donuts and more apples :)  Who knows, we may get another chance to go back in October.  That's when my favorite apple start coming in!
Getting a lift from Pop and Daddy

Kate decided to push Addison...notice she climbed up on the bag of apples

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