Thursday, September 20, 2012

Climbing Kate

Yesterday morning I was cleaning up in the kitchen.  Kate was playing in the playroom which is a big room right beside our kitchen.  I could hear the usual sounds of her in the room, pushing the stroller, dumping all the toy food out, playing with the grocery cart, etc...  A few minutes later I heard the sound of the buttons on the play kitchen microwave.  If you read my earlier post this week you saw Kate standing on her princess ride-on to reach the microwave.  She loves those buttons!  Well when I heard this I was curious as to how she was reaching them this time, so I came to investigate.  With Kate you never know!  This is what I shows that this little monkey will find a way to do what she wants and doesn't have a care in the world while she's doing it.

"what?!?  Can't a girl climb in the kitchen sink?"

Finally reaching the microwave buttons

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