Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Welcoming Kate Daniels Finger!

I'm finally getting around to posting about our new princess!  We welcomed Kate Daniels Finger last Saturday, June 4th at 3:25 am.  I went for my weekly Dr's appt. that Friday morning and was having a few small contractions about 10 minutes apart and my doctor checked me, saw I was at 4 cm, and then asked that I go on to the hospital.  Kelly and I were a little surprised, I thought it was still a little early, but we went on to St. Mary's.  I was on the monitor about an hour and a half and then the Dr. checked me again and this time there was no change.  I asked to leave but promised I would stay in Athens.  Kelly and I called his parents to bring all our bags and our precious Cohen!  Its nice because our Nana lives in Athens so we had a place to stay.  I continued having contractions 10 minutes apart all day and at about 7 pm they started coming closer together.  We timed them for about 2 more hours at Nana's until I had taken all I could and went back to the hospital.  This time progress was made and I was 6 cm and ready to have a baby!!  Unfortunately the epidural did not fully take so I had a rough go for the last bit but the end result was all worth it and Miss Kate Daniels made her appearance into the world at 3:25 am.  It was love at first sight!  I have been soaking up every ounce of her since then and her big sister has too.  Cohen loves her so much.  She is full of kisses for her and loves to tell her "hey"  every time her eyes are open!  To say I feel blessed is an understatement.  We are now adjusting to life as a family of 4!  I know more pictures will fill this blog soon.   I have some awesome newborn pictures of Kate but they will come later :(  I can't do too much at once.
signing for my epidural

Its a go...baby time!

Meeting her baby sister

My precious girls

I have this same picture with Cohen.  So precious

Going home time!

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  1. I've been waiting and waiting for this post!!!! Kate is just beautiful and you look amazing. It looks like Cohen is going to be a wonderful big sister. Congratulations and enjoy every second. :-)