Monday, June 20, 2011

A week of swimming lessons

Last week Cohen had swimming lessons.  It was a busy week for us, and this was definitely part of it.  Cohen is my child that has to warm up to EVERYTHING!  She has always been my "little oven", she has to "preheat".  This was no different.  Kelly had been  swimming with her with her floaties and she loved it but lessons were different.  Luckily, she warmed up and by the end of the week she was asking us to go to lessons.  Now everyday she wakes up and that is the first thing she asks, "Mama, can we go to swimming lessons?"  She is like a little fish in the water.  Its hard having a new baby that can't be out in the sun, so we are having to get our water fix in the evenings on most days.  I've posted pictures from the first day of lessons and then from the last.  Big Difference :)
And because I couldn't have pictures without Kate now, I have her at swimming lessons too.  Doing what she loves to do-Sleep.  She is absolutely precious!  A post just of her newborn pictures is coming soon.  I'm trying my best to catch up!
This picture was a few days before lessons started.  All smiles!

Day 1...Crying the entire time

Day 5-All smiles again

She would stand at the edge and wait for her turn

Swimming to the steps

Little fish

All you can see are Kate's arms and legs.  Sweet little baby!

The whole group

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