Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cohen & Cade's swimming playdate

Last Thursday Cohen had her first summer play date with Cade.  These 2 have always played so good together!  We filled up our "bigger" play pool and Rebekah and I sat out and watched them have so much fun.  I think the highlight was watching them try to give Coco the dog water out of the sand bucket.  Because they play so well it was nice for us moms to sit out and have some talk time.  It was such a relaxing afternoon which I needed because little did I know the next day would be the start of labor!  More pictures will come on that on another post :)  Enjoy Cohen and Cade for now!
Cohen & Cade

Cade jumping from the slide

water for Coco

i love his pose!

Cade is so funny!!

Hula hooping her floatie...silly girl!

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