Thursday, June 2, 2011

Slip Slidin' Away

This past Sunday Kelly got out Cohen's slip-n-slide from last summer.  It didn't take her long to remember how much fun she has on it.  She still hasn't quite grasped the running and diving onto her stomach so Daddy is always right there to give an extra push (or pushes) to get her to the end for a splash!  It was so cute to watch her back way up to get a good running start though.  Even when Daddy would demonstrate she never got a good dive.  It was fun though :)
The first pictures of her below are her showing me her "friend".  This was her first mention of an imaginary friend and I think it was Cohen trying to be silly.  Imagine that!  We're hoping it won't be long at all before a permanent sister friend is here with us.  Any day now and I am so ready.  My back is ready as well.  I think "princess" is on a nerve and will not move :)  In the meantime we will continue to enjoy the summer as best we can!  I'm getting in all the "Mommy and Cohen" time I can!
Cohen with her "friend"


Cohen getting a running start

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