Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Saving Pop

Last Friday was a fundraiser for the United Way and Larry "Pop" was one of the "celebrities".  He was held hostage on the roof of our McDonald's and was then further tortured by being put in the dunking booth.   Cohen and Kelly had a great time at the dunking booth trying to dunk Pop and kept asking to "do it again".  I think she liked seeing Pop get wet, and I know her Daddy did.  It was all for a good cause :) and we were happy to do what we could to get Pop off of the roof and then to help dunk him in the booth. I think in all he was dunked by Kelly, Cohen, Lydia and Sara.  Gotta love your family :)  It was a fun time and all of the granddaughters were there to share in the fun.  I was glad to get a picture of all 4 girls together.  This was the first one with all 4 of them!
A view of Pop

Pop on top of McDonalds

Cohen & Savannah with Pop's money bucket

Going to the dunking booth.  He had to be chained up to walk 

Kate & Addison

All 4 granddaughters out supporting their Pop

Cohen throwing the ball to dunk Pop

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And again...

Giving her money for more balls

Daddy's turn to dunk 

Down goes Pop

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