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Rewind: April & May Catch UP

April and May are busy busy months for us!  Because of that, a lot of pictures have been taken but put in my folders and now I'm going to do some recap for my own sake! Bear with me!  My blog tends to be how my every day pictures get printed for me to have so I want to be sure I have them on here!
Flashback to April:
April is a month filled with baton competitions, soccer, and so much more.  The weather is warm and we are in spring break mode counting down our days until summer!  I did get to recap the first half of Cohen's baton season and Kate's soccer season so yay on those!  One of the really fun things in April was a mother/daughter getaway weekend with my Mama and Paula.  The three of us have never had a trip away just us which was hard to believe so we decided it was time!   Paula and I got the trip arranged and gave that to Mama for her birthday.  We went mid-April down to Hilton Head and had a really good time.  We always love time at HHI and the weather was perfect.  We got to eat, read, lay out, talk and just have so much fun together.  It was so relaxing.

You can always count on a beautiful sunset at Hilton Head

Here are some every day pictures I had of Bryce.  This particular one was when he was so proud of himself for coloring on himself.  He came to me saying "wook mommy I color my wegs!" This boy has my heart for sure!  He is the most precious thing ever!  No ifs ands or buts!

Bryce has a love for lawn mowers.  If you meet him he is going to ask you right off if you have a lawn mower.  One day while we were at Suzy's, Denny pulled out the Snapper to ride him on it.  I love this and I love watching these 2.  They are a mess!

Bryce has his share of fun riding with Suzy too...only its on the playground :)

Later that evening Bryce continued his fun rides with Kate on the back of his tractor.  Kelly was working outside when they both came by waving and laughing as Kate pulled him on the back of the tractor.

Another favorite of Bryce's to ride....the dog mannequin at Old Navy!  He follows in his sister's foot steps.

In April, we wrap up our Wednesday nights at church.  The last Wednesday night was a fun night with the petting zoo and a cookout.  Of course my sweet Kate was all about these animals.  Bryce was too!  Kate hardly took time away to eat and I think we were almost the last ones to leave.  She liked watching them all get loaded up.  

dancing with the kangaroo

We ended April at another baton competition, Miss Spring Jam.  Cohen had a great day at this competition and was the title winner for her age group and was the Grand Champ title winner for her age group.  That title consists of solo, strut, and 2 baton, so it is a strictly twirling title vs the other title which has a modeling element to it.  We were so proud of her!
My aunt Betty got to come watch again this year!  We always love when she gets to come.  She is in familiar territory back at these competitions since she spent so many years there when Joy competed.

We also love that Jarrett, Hazel, and Poppy get to stop by this competition.  I always tell them that they are good luck charms for Cohen.  Sweet Poppy was just a baby last year when she came.  I think she had a fun time playing with these girls and I know Cohen loved getting to play with her!

I loved this one with Maggie reaching for Cohen's earring!

Savannah stayed right with Cohen all day and was such a sweet cheerleader for Cohen.  I know Cohen will always  remember that! 

After the competition it was a big night for these was the first time anyone got to swim in the new pool!  Water was in and they were ready to try it out.  I think they lasted about 10 minutes in water.  It was very chilly!

The next day we got to watch the drama department with their performance of Footloose!

We started May off with another baton competition.  This one was the Southeast Regionals in Savannah.  It also marks the end of our "regular competition season".  On the way down we stopped for a short visit to this little farm that happens to be right at a gas station.  The kids loved seeing more animals.  It had turned off a little chilly this weekend and we couldn't stay out in the wind too long!

this little boy loved watching the big boats
 Saturday wasn't the best for our Coco.  During her title solo she got hit with her baton and it blacked her eye.  I was proud of her for holding it together to finish her solo but I know it hurt and it shook her up a little.   Twirling is no joke!   She pulled out a top 5 finish in her title and also is now the regional 2 baton champ and strut champ for her age group.  Her regional solo was also a second place finish so she recovered well after hitting herself.  Too bad that one wasn't for title.

All the competitors loved the dancing before awards

We were able to get back home that night after competition which was a nice, unexpected surprise.  Normally competitions may end much later.  Cohen and Kate had their choir musical the next night at church.  IT was "Unselfie".  I loved loved loved this one!  It was all about being unselfish in a selfish world.  It also played on todays love of cell phones and selfies.  I think these kids choir musicals have some of the best messages!
Cohen and Josie singing their solo

The next weekend was Mother's Day.  My sweet kids always make me feel so special on Mother's Day.  My morning started with Kate giving me this card she had made me.  She drew me a picture of animals of course and then she had stuck some pictures from her preschool scrapbook in there.  She told me she just knew I would love those pictures because it would help me remember her in preschool.

one blessed Mama

twinning in our Lilly

lounging with my Mama!  What better way to spend our day

Swimming with his own goggles, only these aren't made for the pool!
I think this is the end of my catch up post.  Everything else had its own post already!  After this we pick up with the start of all of our end of the school year and summer fun!  I love this time of year!  

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