Monday, June 19, 2017

Kate's Paw Patrol Party

We celebrated Kate's 6th birthday last weekend with a Paw Patrol pool party.  Kate is my child that always knows right away what kind of birthday party she wants.  This year she was set on Paw Patrol and Pump It Up but we also built a pool and she is our summer baby so she was pretty easy to talk into a pool party.  We have always had so much fun with our friends at her party and this year it was no different.  We have been loving the pool and we got to test how many kids we could fit in there at her birthday.  She loved it and I think all the kids did too.  The water squirter favors were found real quick and they provided a lot of entertainment for the kids.  The adults had to watch out because no matter where you were sitting you were in the line of fire!  It was a lot of fun and I can't thank everyone enough for coming to celebrate Kate and make her day special.  She had a blast and is even talking about next year's theme...right now it is a toss up between a "Cheese" party or a Lion Guard party.  This girl can keep you laughing with her ideas for sure!
I do have to mention that she got a hermit crab from her friends Bentley and Kingsley that had to top her list of favorites.  You know this was the perfect gift for Kate because she is always wanting to catch an animal and keep it and plus we had just been to the beach where we did not bring home a hermit crab.  Now she has her very own and she has named her Shelley.  It was a great birthday for her!

Cohen & Baylor loved twinning together at the party.  I love looking at this because LeAnne and I have always been best friends and now we get to watch our kids grow up together!  They loved the silly picture too!

Paw Patrol in the Pool!
 Cohen made some cute Paw Patrol place cards for the table.  And how cute are these watermelon dog bones that Lydia made for me!  She can do the cutest things!

Shannon Dean made this cute cake!  She always makes the prettiest and yummiest cakes!

As you can see Bryce is breaking in because he thinks he should blow out the candles

Baylor looked at me and said "send this to my Mama."  I love her!

On Kate's actual birthday, which was the week before we took her to Chuck-E-Cheese for lunch and then that evening we celebrated with a family cook out at our house.  She had been begging to go to Chuck-E-Cheese and we were picking Cohen up from baton camp in Athens.   I think all 3 of the kids were in heaven and this was a first for Bryce so he was really amazed!  He kept running from game to game.  Even though this is not my favorite place to go, it was fun to watch their excitement.  And we must have picked a good day because it wasn't too crowded.
their last picture together before Kate turned 6.  Cohen was off to camp the next day

Last picture with my 5 year old!

I still remember taking the picture on the wall...

breakfast in bed on her birthday 

opening presents that night 

Bryce was amazed at everything.  His expressions were priceless

Addison was trying to protect the candles from Bryce.  He seems to think he should blow out anyone's birthday candles

a sweet moment  of them playing together.  These are few and far between!

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