Monday, June 5, 2017

Happy Birthday Kate!

My sweet Kate turned 6 years old yesterday!  There are some days that are forever engrained in your memory and the day she was born was one of those for me.  Thank goodness my crazy mom brain doesn't forget moments like those because I can still see that wide-eyed baby girl staring at me at 3:30  am!   I thought she was perfect, with the cutest round head, and to this day I still think she is a beautiful child with a heart of gold.  Kate is my laid back, easy going middle child!  She is a unique little girl to say the least.  She is not a girlie girl and would rather poke her eyes out before she played with a Barbie doll and isn't a lover of baby dolls either.  What she does love is any kind of animal that God has made.  She always have and even had an animal birthday party last year.  She loves to catch frogs, lizards, and all kinds of crawly animals.  She rarely gets too upset about anything and this child is no complainer!  She will do what you say without talking back or complaining about it.  If its going through her head she leaves it there and for that I love her!  She is a water girl and with us having a pool this year she has been a little mermaid out there.  She loves to play soccer and other sports.  I've enjoyed getting to do different activities with my kids.  Sometimes its hard because they are so different but its like your always told, "each child is different in their own way."  My sweet Kate has provided us with so much joy and laughter and we love her to the moon and back!   I know a lot may change over this next year since Kate heads to school but I hope this girl always keeps her love for life and her sweet spirit!  I know God has big plans for her and I'm thankful that I was chosen to be her Mama!  Happy Birthday Kate!

Kate doesn't love having her picture made...(WHAT?!)...but she did humor me for a few.  Trying to squeeze a real smile out of her makes can be a chore but when she gets tickled the results are awesome.   She has a sweet sweet smile and it just shows me how pretty she is!  Even if I am biased!

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