Friday, July 7, 2017

June Happenings

Another month of our precious summer has ended.  I think we are at the point where things are moving so quick and while we are enjoying summer so much I know this next month is going to fly by even quicker.  June was another fun filled month for us full of pool time, adventures with friends and family and just enjoying those lazy days of summer.  We started the month by celebrating Kate's birthday.  Kelly and I celebrated 12 fun years together, we celebrated Father's Day, the girls had a lot of VBS fun at not only our church but with their friends too,  and then just had all the fun we could in between.  Here's a little flashback from our month with all sorts of random fun.

The first weekend of June was a big one for Cohen.  She went to her very first overnight camp.  It was the Southeast Camp of Champs.  She learned a lot between the camp sessions and her private lessons from some of the best twirlers.  I knew it would be a lot for her but she was so excited to go and she had Baylie and Lexey with her too.  These girls are awesome and I love the bond they have from twirling together all these years.  We will definitely be back at this camp in the years to come.  Since Baylie and Lexey both have phones they would text us pictures throughout the weekend.  We went back on Sunday to pick her up.

The kids had their first VBS at Allen's Methodist church and they loved it.  This is where Cade and Nolan go to church and they have been with them in years past.  They had a ball and on the last night it was family night so Bryce got to join in on the fun.  The s'mores were the best for him...or at least the marshmallows were!

Suzy's cat had baby kittens and Kate was in heaven!  It took a few weeks before they came out but we were able to hold them and this little girl couldn't have been happier.  Her dreams of bringing one to our house have been dashed because I can't have a cat in the house and I think the dogs in the neighborhood would attack it outside.  She has loved it though and this little gold one was my favorite.  When her cousin Kylie came to visit for the weekend both girls had a ball playing with the kittens too.

 We have had so many fun pool playdates.  We are loving this pool and it is so fun to have friends over to swim, play, and cookout.  There have been some fun memories made for sure!  Kate loves checking the skimmer for frogs and as you will see doesn't mind playing with them constantly!

 Cohen loves getting to spend more time with her bestie, Josi V.  She went to VBS one night with her and loved it.  These two always have so much fun.

Kate got to have some party fun for one of her friends, Hannah.  The girls ate lunch at one of our favorite spots, Barbaritos, and then made pottery.   I love these sweet girls!

Cohen has continued working hard this summer with twirling and had another day camp with Miss Ansley.  Ansley is Clemson's feature twirler and Cohen loves getting to work with her too.  She did make me laugh though because she told me how she learned a routine to "Tiger Rag" and once during their break she and Baylie started playing Georgia's fight song really loud.  Even in Clemson territory these girls had to show their UGA pride.  Go Dawgs!  It was a memorable lesson for Cohen too because she caught one of her hard tricks she has been working on for a while.  She was so excited! And since Mrs. Hazel was her coach's teacher, it was fun to have someone she knew be there to see her.  

This picture sums up what Bryce has been doing all summer...outside with his weed eater and chain saw.  He went right over to Dawn and Westley's and told them he was ready to work.  I love this boy!

On Father's Day we got our annual picture with Pop and all the grandkids on the playground slide.  I love comparing them each year!

Our own VBS was up next!  This year the theme was from Love Him Love Them, the mission organization doing work in Haiti.  The kids had a lot of fun learning each night and on the final night they Haitian choir actually got to come and sing.  They had only been back in the USA for 2 days.  We were so excited to hear them.  We sponsor one of the kids in the choir and Cohen found her right away.  Even though they don't know each other on a personal basis, Cohen recognized her from her picture we have and saw her name on her jacket.  I love that she was able to see her face to face and we got this sweet picture of them.

Cohen and Mirlanda 

More pool fun with friends!!  The flamingo is getting some good use!  From being a float, to a dive pillow, to a fort is providing tons of fun!  I have to say, I could get a good nap in on it.  It is pretty comfy!

At the end of the month we were so excited to see Jessica and Maddox.  This sweet boy is growing so fast.  Aunt Ashleigh couldn't wait to love on him!

We even introduced Maddox to the pool!

He wasn't a big fan

 He was a fan of napping on the lounge chair though

these crazy clouds were so neat, and a little scary but still called for a picture

Sister bonding time...Cohen actually wanted to paint Kate's nails and bigger shock...Kate let her.  

We had a 5k fundraiser to help raise money for the church group going on a mission trip to Alaska.

3.2 miles in 39 minutes isn't too bad for 9 year olds!

Cohen added another tooth to the pulled list!

At the end of the month we took the girls to Helen to go tubing down the river.  Cohen had been asking to go.  They both really enjoyed the tubing and loved the watersides we stopped at along the way too.  Kate really surprised me with how much she loved it.  At the end I got a little separated from her but that didn't phase her.  She came on down smiling so big.  I know this girl loved it.  I wish I had a picture of her face as we were floating.  She kept saying "when we finish can we do it again."  I loved it!  Of course afterwards we had to get a funnel cake!

Another fun month in the books!  Looking forward to more fun in July!!

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