Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Cohen's Art Camp

Cohen had so much fun recently at art camp.  Reagan Floyd, who is so extremely talented, taught a week long art camp and Cohen had been wanting to go since I first told her about it!  Reagan came and painted with Cohen and her friends at Cohen's birthday party so Cohen was even more excited to get to learn something else from her.  She had such a fun week!  Every day she was so excited to tell me everything they had worked on and her favorite day was the day they worked on photography!  I may have an assistant on my hands yet!  She even came home at the end of the week wanting one of my old cameras so she could play around with it and take pictures.  I'm so glad she loved learning about it!  I'm more glad though that she loved every single day of camp and had so much fun with her friends each day.  The camp was every afternoon from 1:00-5:00.   On Friday at 7:00 all the kids and their families were invited back for the art show where we got to see all the projects they had worked on all week.  I was beyond impressed with everything we saw.  Reagan is so talented and so creative. It really blows my mind.  I'm just so glad Cohen got the chance to go and learn and just have so much fun.  The things they did were so creative and you could definitely see that the kids were thinking "outside the box" on their projects.  A huge thank you to Reagan for everything she did to make this camp so much fun!  A lot of these pictures are Reagan's that she took each day.  I know this Mama was so glad to have them and see a little bit of the fun they were having. 

Making sculptures

photography fun!

string art

self portraits

the final products on display at the art show

At the art show the kids had a bird cage drawing and a tea pot drawing that they had did.  They stood in a circle and drew each from the angle they were looking at.  Here is Cohen with her bird cage drawing.  It was very neat to see each child's drawing and how different something is depending on what angle you are seeing it from!

Kate and Kylie got in on the photo booth fun!

Savannah had come to see Cohen's artwork at the show

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