Sunday, May 28, 2017

3rd Grade Memories

Cohen has officially completed her 3rd grade year!  We have been out of school over a week and we are currently being beach bums.  A great start to summer.  I LOVE summer and I am in summer mode full swing.  I did want to rewind a little and look back at all the fun that came with 3rd grade.  Four years of elementary school are now over!  I have to say 3rd grade was a big transition year for us.  It seems like there are a lot of expectations in 3rd grade.  The content gets a little harder, a little more is expected, and of course the "M" word...Milestones!  I have heard all the fears surrounding this test though Cohen this year and if you know Cohen you know she really had nothing to fear.  She is very smart but her anxiety level can sometimes go through the roof!  She is a ball of nerves at times but in my conversations with her teacher I think she saves all of that fun for me!  She really had a great year this year.  Once again she was blessed with a sweet, fun, wonderful teacher, Mrs. Hill.  She was so good for Cohen and encouraged her so much.  When we were putting Mrs. Hill's end of the year gift together I had written her a note and Cohen wrote her own note.  Of course I wanted to read what she wrote and she had written it all on her own.  But in her note she thanked Mrs. Hill for being so encouraging and increasing her confidence!  That meant so much to read.  We will really miss Mrs.  Hill next year.  Cohen started the gifted program at school this year and she really enjoyed it too.  She would frequently tell me about the fun things they would do in gifted class and I'm so glad she enjoyed that and will continue to be in that class in the next few years.   There were several events I took pictures at, especially at the end of the year, and since I couldn't blog on each one individually I did want to sum it all up here.  May has quickly passed December as the busiest month of the year!  We were going constantly wrapping up school, preschool, soccer and having a dance recital.  So much fun all at once.  Here is a a little wrap up post on Cohen's 3rd grade year!  It happened so fast.  I blinked and 9 months were gone!  (I'm pretty sure my pregnancy months never went quite this fast).


First Day!
In December the kids had a fun field trip to the Georgia Aquarium.

Cohen's class won the box tops party for the first half of the year and while I was there helping with their snack I got to see Cohen present one of her projects to her class.

Cohen's artwork was chosen to be in the county wide art show that all the schools have.  Here she is with her art teacher Ms. Cathy and with her artwork.

This year was the first year that LES had a daddy/daughter dance.  This was one of my favorite events they had.  I love this whole idea and think it is great for girls and the dads!  I got such cute videos and pictures from some of my teacher friends who helped and I could see first hand how much fun they were having.  I hope this is something that will continue at the school.  Next year Kelly will have 2 cute girls to dance with if so!

One of our proudest moments this year came when Cohen was chosen as the 3rd grade Georgia Young Author winner.  This was Cohen's third year in a row winning this award.  Her teachers have always told me what a good writer she is and we were just so proud of her.  This year her writing was about a trip she took to Toccoa Falls with Sug and Pop.  I loved it so much and I love reading things like this because it shows how much she loved this outing with them and how she paid attention to every little detail.  This was something the kids had did with Sug and Pop while Kelly and I had been on our ski trip.

This year Cohen also got to compete in the Junior Olympics.  This is mainly for 4th and 5th graders but Coach Ginn chose a few 3rd graders to go this year and she was one of them.  She was running the mile.  I was so proud of her for that.  A mile is hard for these kids especially on a track they don't practice on.  She was so nervous about it even saying she just didn't want to do it, but she got out there and did it and finished 8th.  I was very very proud of her.  Maybe I'll have a running partner in her one of these days!

There's always fun at field day each year.  The end of the year is one fun activity after another!  The kids always love field day because they get to get wet!  I think almost every game involves water!

Each year the gifted classes get to participate in the "invention convention".  This was something new for Cohen too.  She invented a "2 in 1 t-shirt" for those days when the weather is cold in the morning but hot in the afternoon.  Her shirt had velcro on the sleeve so you could remove the sleeve making the tee a short sleeve tee.  She looked like she really enjoyed explaining her invention to all of the classes that came around.  Parents and family members are invited to come so the kids are presenting their inventions constantly.  I loved watching her in action!

And of course there is always the end of the year awards ceremony.   Cohen received her ribbon for the Junior Olympics, she got the Principal's List award, and also got 3 art certificates.

I loved seeing my girl being recognized with all of those boys!  This was for Jr. Olympics.  

Sweet friends!  4 out of 5 will be at the school next year!

And finally was the last day of school!  It is always so bittersweet!  We will miss our sweet teacher and the fun 3rd grade brought but we are all so excited for summer!!!!!

I have to include these last 2 pictures because these are 2 things that have been all the rave this year.  At least here at the end of the year.   Slime and fidget spinners.  We have made slime in the past but Cohen was all about making it again and even looked up different recipes on YouTube.  Fidget spinners which have been around for a long time for kids with ADHD, became the hot toy to have.  The kids were allowed to have them at school which made them even more fun.  Each day I would hear about who had what color spinner.  This is one of 2 Cohen has.  Kate even has one if it hasn't been lost yet!  Who knew this little gadget could be so fun to have.  The girls got one while we were in Savannah for Cohen's baton competition and someone stopped them right after they had bought it wanting to know where to go to get one.  Why couldn't I have invented that!?!  Cohen also has a 12 sided fidget cube.  Maybe its the "M" word again thats made us have such fidgety kids?!

 Thank you 3rd grade for the memories!!  4th grade here she comes!!


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