Thursday, December 18, 2014

School Christmas Parties!!

On Monday both girls had Christmas parties at school.  Luckily they were at different times so I could be at both places.  Kate had hers at 10:30 and when I got to her school she was already having a ball eating her cupcake! Or should I say her green icing :)  The kids got to have a Christmas party snack then they had a book swap and opened up gifts.  They were all so cute and so excited about each gift they got.  Kate loves books so she was so happy to get a new book and Mrs. Lori gave everyone a book too.  All the kids had also made a gift for their parents too.  Kate was happy to open mine for me!  Christmas is going to be fun this year!  I think she may want to open everyone's gifts for them! During the party Kate was so funny because while she ate she would eat a bite then run over and hug on Bryce.  By hug on I mean go head first into his carrier and rub all over him.  The idea of any germs never enters her mind.  She loves him so and I love it!  She really had so much fun and I'm so thankful that she loves her class and for a sweet, loving teacher like Mrs. Lori.  Kate has really loved school since starting a couple of months ago.  I was so hesitant about it but everything has gone so smoothly and I love getting to do these fun things with her.  AND...I am happy to say that we have made HUGE break throughs in potty training!!   She still has to have pull ups at night and may have an accident here and there but for the most part she is finally potty trained.   I am very proud of her!  I love my baby girl and she definitely keeps us laughing all the time.

Picking her number for the book swap

Kate's gift for me

Kate and Mrs. Lori
After Kate's party and a quick lunch it was back to the elementary school for Cohen's cookie decorating party.  The one thing that makes me sad about elementary school is that we don't get to do a lot with the kids so when there is something special to attend I jump on it!  I love getting little glimpses into Cohen's day at school and to see her interact with her classmates.  I also love having one on one time with her.  Each child was given 2 cookies and got to decorate them any way they wanted, which for Cohen meant covered in icing and sprinkles!   After we decorated she could leave with me.  Here are a few pictures I took.

Cohen & Keely...these girls have been in school together since they were 2!  
After school the fun continued because it was pajama week at baton!  Cohen got to change into her new Frozen pj's from Tina!  Not only was pajama week exciting but Cohen also got to twirl a fire baton!  Since she stays with me while I work she gets to watch the big girls.  I think this is probably her most favorite part!  They were getting to work with fire batons so Cohen got to twirl one too!  She said "no" to even holding it at first but once she saw those big girls doing it she wanted to hold one and then she got brave to do some "ice cream scoops" with it.  She kept saying how she wanted to hold it over and over.  Who knows, we may see her twirling fire one day!!

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