Sunday, December 7, 2014

Our Thanksgiving Fun

I am finally sitting down to write about our Thanksgiving.  To say life is a little hectic would be an understatement and any picture work I do this time of year is for other people, but tonight I am going to play catch up!  We did have a great Thanksgiving.  It has really become one of my favorite holidays.  Not only is it centered around the best food ever, but I just love that it is all about family too.  I get a lot of quality family time in around Thanksgiving and that is something I really cherish...more and more each year.  I had really been looking forward to the kids being out of school for the week and not being on any type of schedule.  Our Thanksgiving started with our family trip to the mountains with Kelly's family.  We did this last year and his parents rented the same cabins again this year.  It is so beautiful and we were all looking forward to it.  Sunday turned out to be a rainy, cold day but it was so cozy inside the cabins that we really didn't mind.  We all ate hotdogs and chili and enjoyed being together.  The girls all had fun playing in the loft of the cabin and playing non-stop.  Cohen had fun trying to teach everyone how to do a "fish bowl" which is where you touch your head to your feet all while being on your stomach...the photo will say it all.  It was a fun first night! The next day we got up, had breakfast, and got ready for the day.  We decided to go on a hike at Burrells Ford.  All the girls did really well hiking and got a few nature lessons from Kelly :)  We left there and took them to Stumphouse Tunnel where they had fun running in and out of the tunnel.  This whole day Bryce was good as gold too!  That evening we took a few family pictures and had our big Thanksgiving meal.  Lydia really goes all out and has this wonderful meal for everyone.  This year Kelly fried our turkey and it was so good. We finished it with S'mores for dessert.  Sunday may have been a yucky day but Monday was beautiful so we were glad to get to sit out by the fire.  It was an early night for some of us...Kate had a melt down and had to go on to bed.  All the fun had wore her out.
Tuesday we left but we sure did enjoy those few days.  It is so cozy and peaceful up there.  But there was still more Thanksgiving fun to be had so we had to get back :)
the back view of Sug & Pop's cabin.  The guys were busy turkey frying!

Our cabin

Our pretty lake view

Teaching Pop & Savannah how to do a "fishbowl"

Ready to Hike

This little hiker was out like a light

Finally a picture of all 5 of us!

loving the Sakura Bloom sling

Funny "Kate" story, as we were hiking back Kate ran up to walk with me.  She looked down and started running around (up, back, side to side), and finally said "I'm trying to run away from my shadow."  She sounded so frustrated because she couldn't get away from it.  I then started showing her how to run a little in front of me and her shadow would be bigger than me or I would run ahead and be bigger than her.  I loved looking down and seeing my little girl beside me knowing that one day she would be right up there with me.  She is such a fun little girl and I wish I could record everything she says, especially in her sweet little voice.  Love love love her!

The "big" girls in front of Stumphouse Tunnel

Kate ran ahead and started climbing rocks...Uncle Davis had to run get her.

The Finger Boys

photobomb by Kelly 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  From the Finger Family

Thursday on Thanksgiving we start our day at Suzy's house for a big lunch.  Have I mentioned how much I love Thanksgiving food?!  Kelly fried another turkey for our family this year and it was another big hit.  The girls had so much fun playing with their cousins.  I tried to snap a few pictures of them playing outside on the trampoline and one in the leaves.  Usually we take so many family pics on Thanksgiving (Christmas card hopefuls) but this year we didn't!  I'm still wondering what we will do for a card...

And what would Thanksgiving be without a little humor and silliness with my nanny.  This year she happened to pull out some crazy teeth so we jumped on the opportunity.  Eric, Jessica, and I had to do our funny pic with her.  Nanny is getting older but still has some humor left!

Bebe with our little turkey
 Later on I look over at the food to see nothing but a little head sniffing around for more food.

We left Suzy's that afternoon and headed to Nana's house.  More yummy food!  Talk about stuffing yourself!  Later that night Kelly and I made a little shopping run to Target.  Suzy and I went to Commerce as well for some late night shopping.  Its always our tradition.  The stores have really started taking the fun out though by opening so early.  We did a little though :)  It was really a fun Thanksgiving.
Saturday we headed to Athens for the GA/GA Tech game.  It definitely wasn't the highlight of our Thanksgiving week by any means.  Luckily we are always in good company.  We even had Curtis with us who is a big Tech fan.  We overlook that little flaw in him.  haha!  And he didn't rub our loss in too much either.
family fun at the game

best frienemies:)
Turns out we were caught on the Enterprise fan cam.  We don't look to unhappy here yet!

I ended that night on  a good note.  Mama and I went to my Aunt Betty's house for our annual creole dinner.  Mama and her brothers and sisters have been getting together for many years now doing the shrimp creole dinner.  I always got to tag along when I was younger and still do!  I love going and I really love getting some quality time with her side of the family.  Her family is so large that we don't always get together as much.  Over the years we have lost several family members too but this dinner has kept on going and I really love and cherish it.  The shrimp creole is fabulous too!  My cousin Karen does a wonderful job.  I really couldn't think of a better way to spend Thanksgiving.  I am so thankful for each member of my family and for the time we get to spend together.  I only wish Thanksgiving came more than once a year! (and that I had actually taken a picture at this creole dinner!) 

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