Monday, December 15, 2014

Kate's Preschool Christmas Program

Last Friday was Kate's Christmas program at First Friends.  Her class were angels in the program.  They all did so good, especially when you consider that they only had about 5 practice days since being back from Thanksgiving.  I thought she looked so sweet singing up there, and once again she just lit up the minute she saw us in the audience watching her.  We also had someone special watching this time.  My friend Tina had came into town on Thursday and came to watch Kate before having to fly back home.
After she sang, we had some snacks and even saw Santa.  We also got to see Kate's Christmas list for Santa.  I really have no clue what she is talking about on her list.  She has a slide on her playground and "Dora thing" is pretty generic.  I'm pretty sure she is going to love Christmas no matter what!

The day before was Kelly's birthday so we have celebrated with him.  Tina was also here on Kelly's birthday and not only got to celebrate with him, but also got to go to Cohen's baton class.  We sure appreciate Tina going to all our weekly activities!
getting some help from Bryce with all those candles 

this sums up our crazy life right now

Baton class with Tina.  Kate kept her busy with reading books & buying some snacks!

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