Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Fun at First Friends

Kate has been having a lot of Christmas fun at preschool.  Last week was full of fun things.  Wednesday was Polar Express Day so all the kids got to wear their pjs to school.  This makes for a much easier morning getting ready for sure!  I know the kids loved hearing Miss Margaret read the Polar Express, and getting to have some yummy goodies.  Miss Lori got this cute group picture of Kate's class.

All Ears for Miss Margaret!
Friday the preschool teachers had put together a fun Christmas breakfast celebration for the kids and parents.  Everyone got to eat breakfast together then go to several stations to make crafts, have their faces painted, and make reindeer food.  One of the Sunday School classes at church had made the pancake breakfast and I have to say...these were by far the cutest pancakes I had ever seen.  They were almost too cute to eat, but not to Kate, I had to hold her off for a few seconds so I could get a picture.  She was ready to eat those chocolate chips!

I was helping with one of the crafts so I took a few pictures when I could.  When Kate got to my table, she had already had her face painted.  She had chosen to have a lion on her face which isn't surprising at all.  She is all into lions and will ask you to draw a lion anytime there is coloring or chalk involved.  She has also been watching some National Geographic specials on lions that Kelly recorded for her.  She gets into these shows as much as a Disney movie, it is so funny.  She is truly one of a kind!

There was a special visit by Santa himself.  I wasn't sure if Santa would be there or not so I hadn't said anything to Kate.  She did really well though.  She waved as soon as he came in and even had her picture with him without much bribing.  She kept telling him that Bryce wanted some pacis for Christmas.  Bryce also was there with me and I couldn't resist getting a quick picture of him with Santa.  We will all be going to visit Santa very soon like we do each year, but this Santa would do for the moment :)

It was all super cute and I really appreciate all the work the teachers put into it to make it fun and special for the kids.  I'm all about celebrating holidays and getting to be involved with what Kate is doing.
I had to share this last picture.  Kate is so in love with Bryce!  She is always all over him and wanting to hold him.  She asks me each day to let him watch T.V. or a movie with her.  She is always saying "hey baby bwyce", or "look baby bwyce".  It is so cute!  So this afternoon I laid him beside her on the bed and she was all about him.  I love how she loves him so.  You do have to watch her though.   Just the other day she got a kick out of putting her bubble gum on his head.  Love him!

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