Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Saturdays in Athens

I think most anyone who reads this blog at all knows we are a family of die hard Bulldawg fans!  This year we actually bought season tickets with my cousins Blake & Kasey.  We have always gone to games together in the past on their 4 tickets but this year we added 2 more.  Funny thing...we also decided to have a 3rd child who is due smack in the middle of football we were not thinking. haha!  It didn't take me long to look at this year's schedule to know that the schedule was actually in my favor with this baby because there were so many home games at the beginning of the season and the end, and most away games falling in October.  Could it have worked out any better?!  I know most people have to be thinking our life is pretty good if all we worry about is making the GA games!  :)  It is a love for us and something we enjoy just Kelly & I and also taking our girls.  Kate isn't quite old enough for her game debut but Cohen enjoys going and has been to one this year with another coming up.  Pregnancy has not slowed me down either and I have loved braving the heat to watch my Dawgs!  I have posted pics from the first 2 home games so here are some from the GA/Tennessee game that I had forgot to post about.  Wonder where my head has been??!  This past weekend was GA vs. Vanderbilt and after making a very hard decision, we decided to stay home with the girls and celebrate our good friend's birthday.  Actually it wasn't that hard, we were excited to give my sister a chance to go to her very first GA game!  We had taken Brock with us before so it was fun that she, Brock, and my mama got to go cheer on the Dawgs.  I know they loved it and will be back soon.  We also had a blast celebrating Brad's birthday!  We knew this was our last Saturday at home just the 4 of us which is a bittersweet thought.  This Friday we will welcome our 3rd baby who has been taking its sweet time to come meet us :)  This week is the week though!  After being so cozy inside for these fun GA games, he/she will be here to help us cheer on the Dawgs from the hospital this weekend.  We don't know if we're having a boy or girl but we know for sure we are having a Georgia Bulldawg fan!  Here are our pics from the last game we were at...37.5 weeks here!

Our Dr. Visit pic the day before...I May split down the middle before its all over!

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