Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Kate Goes to Preschool

This week my sweet Kate started going to preschool.  What is probably an easy decision for most moms was a tough one for this one.  With Cohen I was so eager for her to get to go to preschool and play with other kids but with Kate I have been more hesitant.  She has Cohen at home and lots of friends at church so she is pretty social.  I also stay home and love having her here with me.  Last week a spot came open at our church preschool where Cohen went and where I used to teach (another reason it was easier to send Cohen :)  I always think God's timing is amazing and I chose to see it this way.  Not only are we about to bring home a new baby that I will be bonding with, but Kate seemed really excited to go and I know she will love it.  Today was just her second day going and Wednesdays are our library days that I will not stop so I will pick her up early.  I know it is going to be fun for her and I plan to be involved any chance I can.  She does have to get used to these earlier mornings!  So far so good.  She was telling Dooley this morning that she was going back to Mrs. Lori's class.  I know she's getting in at a fun time too because fall always has so many fun things going on.  Funny note...Kate is using Cohen's first book bag right now until we get hers in.  She has no clue it has Cohen's name on it.  She was excited to use it and even asked me where her lunchbox was.  I had to tell her that Mama would be picking her up before lunch but the excitement was too cute.  On Monday, her first day, I went to eat lunch with Cohen while Kate was at preschool and that helped take my mind off of her being gone.  I love getting to go eat with Cohen too and I know having time with just her is good for us.  I'm sure we will be doing that again but it will be a few weeks since I don't think I'll be taking a newborn into the elementary school just yet.
She went right in and sat with Addison

I love having friends as teachers to send me these pics!  Not surprised to find Kate at the cars!

My lunch date!

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