Thursday, October 16, 2014

Our Little Surprise...Bryce Paul!

I can't believe a whole week has passed since we welcomed our sweet baby BOY Bryce into the world!  I would have blogged sooner but I've been too busy holding him ALL DAY!  I love it!  He took us by surprise by coming on his own at 12:40 am Thursday morning.  I had fully prepared myself to be induced on Friday morning.  I had packed my bags and the girl's bags for a Friday & Saturday night stay, but God and Bryce had other plans and just like this entire pregnancy, he surprised us a day early.  Not only that, but I was totally surprised to see that my sweet, very active baby was a BOY!  A new man in my life and boy has he stolen my heart.  Let me somewhat recap this adventure for my sake...
It all started Wednesday afternoon while Cohen was at church for her voice lesson.  Kate and I were playing on the playground and I had just started to notice some hard pains.  At this stage in the game pain and discomfort was nothing new so it took a little bit to start paying attention to these pains and noticing that they were coming in about 10 minute intervals.  My friend Amy was at the church too and I made the comment to her that I was having some pains but it was probably nothing.  She told me it was probably the start of something but who knew if it would continue or go away.  I had already carried this baby longer than either of the girls so I was convinced it would be Friday before I had it.  Cohen & Kate played until about 6:00 at church and got so dirty!!  We were planning to eat at my mama's that night so I knew that we had to get home to get a bath...they were head to toe in dirt!  I texted Kelly to come home instead of meeting me at Mama's because I was having some pains and would be more comfortable with him being with me.  At home I bathed both girls and still watched the clock since the contractions were about 10 mins. apart still.  Once Kelly got home we decided that something was going on and that we might want to head to Athens.  We did stop at Mama's on our way and ended up leaving the girls there and Sug & Pop later picked them up on their way to Nana's. It is so nice to have Nana in Athens!  Kelly and I didn't stay long because I started getting anxious and wanted to get close to the hospital.  All the way there the contractions were about 6-7 mins apart. We got to St. Mary's around 8:30.  Did I mention that Wednesday was a full moon....yep, me and the rest of the town were having babies.  I later would hear from one of my nurses that not only was it a full moon, but the nursing staff had circled this week on the calendar a long time ago because it would be when the "snow babies" would be born.   Back in January when we had a lot of snow it obviously started a little baby boom ;)  Soooo...when we were checking in the receptionist told me that I was the 5th or 6th girl to come in the last hour/hour and a half.  Nice...I knew at this point that this was not false labor so I really wanted a room quick but we ended up being checked in only to be moved to the main waiting room in labor/delivery.  We sat in that waiting room for a little over an hour!  Contractions coming every 5 mins or less at that.  Here we are waiting it out, nervous & excited

Finally Kelly went to say something and they told him we were being moved in about 10 mins.  I went to a triage room first and we really thought I would deliver there but I did get a room soon after.  I had to have a bag of fluid before getting the epidural and believe you me, I watched that fluid go in and prayed it would be quick.  I was about 7 cm and that helped everyone speed it all along.  Once the fluid went, I got the epidural, they moved me straight into a room, and my doctor broke my water...15 mins later I was ready to push...30 mins later I saw my SON for the first time!  It all was so fast that it was a blur!  I have to say my doctor was wonderful and so was my nurse.  I don't know how I would have done it so well without them.  Funny comment, as the baby was being "born" I heard the doctor say "its ok beautiful".  I just knew I was having another girl even more so than before when I heard that.  BUT...I saw very quick more than an umbilical cord and if you had seen Kelly's face you would have known real quick that it indeed was a boy.  He started smiling and laughing so much the minute Dr. McPherson held Bryce up.  He was crying, we were crying, and yet so relieved to have our surprise baby here.  I had prayed for a quick, safe delivery and so had many of our friends and that prayer was answered.

Dr. McPherson & Bryce

After getting every situated and having our own little moment with him, it was time to go get the big sister!  Just like Kate, Bryce was born after midnight.  My babies like to come late and keep the family out late :)  Luckily it wasn't too too late and Cohen was able to wake up easily and come to the hospital.  She was so excited.  She had wanted this baby to be a boy all along and I was so glad to tell her she got her wish.  We do have a video of her seeing him for the first time and her happy, excited expression during the whole thing is priceless.  We were letting her guess what she thought it was when she first saw him and she did say boy, but she also asked me if they had told me yet what it was.  Kelly informed her that babies come out naked and that totally grossed her out.  She was so happy though when I confirmed she had a new brother!  She immediately went into little mama mode and has pretty much stayed that way this whole week.   She loves him and I can't get over how good her attitude has been since he was born.  I was pretty worried about it but she has been great so far and I pray this continues.  I have always struggled with making sure my kids don't feel left out but it is a struggle at times and I want her to feel just as loved because she is :)
In the waiting room with can tell she is excited already
Headed back with Daddy

I hate that Kate couldn't be here for this first meeting but I knew she wouldn't understand as much as Cohen would and she would be excited in the morning when she did get to come.  Cohen sat with me in the bed as Kelly went out to get the rest of our family.  We had sent a picture of just the feet so they could know we were doing good after he was born.  When they all came in we slowly unwrapped him and revealed he was indeed a boy!  Most of our family was guessing boy so they were right!  This was the first grandson for Kelly's parents and my mom was just so excited for a new, healthy baby.  This boy would also carry my Daddy's name so that was special.  We had not decided on a boy's name so he went nameless until the next day.  It was truly so hard for us to choose a name!  After everyone got to hold him we had to get a little bit of sleep, and I mean about 2 hours.  The newborn nights have started!

one proud daddy

The next day we got to introduce Bryce to more family and friends.  I wish I had a picture of everyone with him but I don't.  The one I do have though is the other big sis, Kate!  Kate was so cute meeting him.  She had said all along it would be a boy and his name would be "a gurl".  I love her!  She now will just say "the baby" or Baby "Rice".  She wanted to hold him too and has loved rubbing his head.  She moves on to something else pretty quick but loves to help and loves to "hold the baby".

proud cousins
 The girls loved getting to see Bryce through the nursery window.  There were so many babies born while we were there!  They got to see several in there.  I think Kate thinks we got to pick one out!  Here comes Bryce...the nurse wheeled him right up to them.

Kelly was on the other side

Goodbyes were hard for the girls and us too.  This really made us ask if we could go on home on Friday.  We thought it would be easier on the girls and everyone.  They just wanted to stay with us.  I know it was the right decision but leaving was so sad too because I know that may be the last time we are ever in the maternity ward.  I think my emotions were already starting to act up!!

Friday we were able to come home that afternoon.  It was a bittersweet moment for sure.  It all seems so surreal how quick he came.  You wait for 9 months and in the blink of an eye its all over and life continues at lightening speed.   Now we are home soaking up every minute of this little boy.  We are overjoyed to say the least.
I have a picture like this with all 3 kids now :)

Headed home

Got Mommy's finger

Proud Big Sister

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