Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cohen's First Grade Field Trip

I'm probably going to be skipping all over the place trying to keep up with this blog and everything going on with our family right now.  I want to post every single picture of Bryce because I'm so in love with him and everything he does (which is mainly eat and sleep) is so cute to me! Also, I want to keep up with everything the girls are involved in too and with it being fall there is so much to do!  One exciting thing that happened last week was Cohen had her first grade field trip to Denver Downs Farm.  I was really sad that I wouldn't be able to go with her.  I wish so bad it had been before Bryce was born but it wasn't.  She knew I wouldn't be able to go and handled that pretty well.  I knew she was going to have so much fun and I had friends going so she was fine with that.  Dawn was going to take her from the field trip, Aunt Sara would be there with Savannah, and Courtney (aka Mrs. Kellum, who Cohen loves) would be there with Brody.  I cannot thank Courtney enough for taking these pictures and sending them to me.  Since I couldn't be there it really gave me a glimpse of how much fun Cohen was having.  You can tell from her smile in these pics that she was loving life!  I had sent Cohen a little note with her favorite grape Laffy Taffy in her lunchbox and Sara had also sent me a picture of her after finding the note.  I think she was pretty excited about that too and felt special getting that "little surprise" in her lunchbox.  She has been so sweet since having Bryce and is such a helper to us.  I look forward to getting some one on one with her soon but I'm glad she really enjoyed her field trip. top it all off, after they left the field trip, Dawn took her and Keyes to Party City to pick out Halloween costumes.  Another HUGE help for me since I had planned to do that last Thursday after my doctor's appt.  Instead we had a baby!  Her and Keyes had fun looking at all the Halloween stuff and now she and him are going to be matching for Halloween.  I think this is so sweet!  They are such good friends and are so sweet together.  I know Halloween will be extra fun this year for them.
Mrs. Croom's Class

Keyes, Cohen, and Ramsey

All smiles after finding her lunch note & candy
While Cohen was living it up at Denver Downs, Kelly, Kate, and I took Bryce for his first Dr's appointment at Dr. Setia's office.  Dr. Setia said he was "perfect" which we thought so too!  He weighed in at 7 lbs 3 oz.  Its funny the questions we had for Dr. Setia.  Kelly and I are so used to girls that we are learning about this sweet boy.  He is so precious and is such a good baby.  We are loving every minute of him...even those wee hours of the morning!

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