Monday, October 27, 2014

Our First 2 Weeks With Bryce

I will probably sound like a broken record but I cannot believe that 2 weeks have come and gone since our sweet boy came into this world.  We are definitely in love with him and soaking up all the newborn snuggles we can.  He really is a good baby too!  Bryce will cry when he's hungry and when he gets his diaper/clothes changed.  Even his little cry is cute though.   Both girls have loved getting used to their little brother too.  Kate wants to hold him ALL the time.  We hear, "can I hold the baby?" all day.  Cohen has been back in school so she is wrapped up in a lot of other things, but still finds time to hold him and really begs to hold him "standing up".  They are both the best big sisters though and their attitudes have been great which I was worried about.
I these last 2 weeks Bryce has got to meet so many special people and I know he has to feel so loved. We sure do!  He has adapted well to our "on the go" lifestyle. He has been to baton class, rocked his newborn photo session, visited Daddy's work...2 locations actually, and now he is enjoying some fun Halloween festivities!  Since I'm summarizing a lot of time in one post I'll skip to the pictures since they speak louder than words :)

On Saturday, the day after we came home from the hospital, I had to go to urgent care with a UTI...go figure...  While I was there, Kelly took the kids across the street to the pumpkin patch at the Methodist church.  Mr. Bryce got his first pumpkin patch visit at a whopping 2 1/2 days old!  Needless to say it was a quick one but the girls had a good time running around and of course picking out a pumpkin!

I can't stop taking his picture every day...I already see him changing!  sniff sniff!

showing Bryce his toy

The girls fell asleep in our bed so we put Bryce right up there with them both...our 3 sweet blessings!

sweet dreams and smiles! 
Visiting Daddy at work in Toccoa

He was out!

Last Saturday, Bryce had 2 special visitors...Tara and Jessica.  Nothing like some waif love!


Funny...I had Bryce on the bed and he started to fuss.  I was out of the room so when I heard him crying I came back to get him but someone had beat me to it...Kate had slid her arms right under him and put him in her lap.   I don't think it made him feel better, just judging by the look on his face!

I have tried to make sure the girls continue their regular routines.  That is the hardest for me, learning how to continue life while wanting to freeze time and sit and hold Bryce.  I have to thank my FABULOUS friends who have really helped out so much.  Stacey has picked Kate up at preschool for me and took her to the library.  She has loved having Carolina pick her up and even spent the afternoon playing with her last Wednesday.  What a huge help!  This was from the library.

Cohen had spirit week at school on her first week back since having Bryce.  I didn't get a picture every day, but here was one from Disney day, and Kasey even got a picture of her and Taylor at school as Mickey and Minnie.  

Another Kate funny...last week when I was picking her up from school this is how she came out to me at car pool...she had taken her shoes off as soon as she walked in from the playground.  She said she was "showing her boo boo" to Addison.  I don't think the pavement bothered her one bit and she is always taking her shoes off so this was typical Kate :)  I love this funny girl!

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