Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Sunday we decided to take the girls and go on a little hike.  There are so many waterfalls to hike to that are close by or just a short drive to get to over in South Carolina.   Kelly had pulled up about 4 choices and we decided on one that was fairly short and not very hard.  It also said it was a great little swim at the waterfall especially for children.  It turns out that moderate on paper meant a short trail, but very narrow and steep.  One that was fine for adults but made this mama nervous with 2 kids!  They did great though and we made it fine.  The waterfall was Brasstown Falls and it was very pretty.     We did the first part of the hike and then let the girls swim in the water and climb around on the rocks.  They both loved it.  Cohen was climbing all over the rocks and kept wanting to go to the edge of the water where it dropped off to another waterfall.  She must have been feeling extra brave!   They had a blast splashing around in the water though!

Cohen was so sweet helping to make sure Kate didn't slip

We decided to try hiking down further to see the next waterfall.  It wasn't far at all but it was a rough trail and very NARROW!  A lot of the time we had to do some climbing (down & up).  When we got to the waterfall we decided right away this would be as far as we would go.  That swimming wasn't quite as good for children since it was colder and deeper.  Kate didn't even get in at all and Cohen was in and out pretty quick.  The waterfall itself was very pretty though, so I'm glad we went on down.  When it was time to climb back out, Kelly decided to put Kate on his shoulders which still made me nervous.   I sure didn't want them both slipping or tripping!  He made it fine though and soon we got to a point that she could walk.  She was most excited about him finding her a worm!  You know Kate...nature girl who loves worms, caterpillars, frogs, you name it...just not a bug!  Cohen had made the mistake of telling her it would be a good place to see frogs so she was wanting a frog so bad but the worm made up for it.   I think it ended up in 2 pieces...yuck!  On a good side note, we have been making more progress with potty training these last few days.    We had the potty in the back of the car with us and she went all day in it.  YAY!  Its the small victories that we take and celebrate!  We finished our day by eating at McAlisters in Clemson.  Kelly and I had our first date at McAlisters in Athens and we miss that place dearly!  I'm glad Clemson isn't far and we can go to that one...the one good thing about Clemson ;)   It was a perfect way to end the day!

You can tell here that the water was a little bit deeper :) Further back was over Kelly's head!

Coming out on the little trail

Climbing up!

Showing off her worm...she was one happy girl!

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