Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cohen Goes to Six Flags!

This past Monday Cohen got to experience Six Flags for the first time!  Students can earn a free ticket to the park by hitting their reading goal at school so she had been excited to have the ticket.  Unfortunately with me being pregnant that pretty much knocked me out of going and riding rides, which I hated so bad, and I really didn't want to buy a ticket to walk around in the hot and not be able to ride.  I love rides so it would have been miserable!  I have the best friends though because they wanted Cohen to come along with them.  I was very hesitant at first because if you know Cohen, she can take a while to warm up to things and roller coasters would fall at the top of that list!  Dawn kept telling me that she would be fine and that she didn't mind having Cohen along at all...she would handle her if a situation came up.  When I explained to Cohen that I wouldn't be there she was iffy at first but then decided she wanted to go and was so excited the night before that she told me she couldn't stand to wait that long until morning.  I was still nervous when Stacey picked her up that morning, not because she was going without me, but nervous for Dawn, Stacey, Jen, and Natalie!  I sure wanted her to behave and not cry, or at least not much :)  I had talked to Dawn and told her to send me pictures.  I knew that Cohen would definitely have some fun especially being with her friends.  I loved every picture I got throughout the day and when Dawn called me later that evening when they left she told me that overall Cohen had did great!  Stacey had kept me updated with texts too and it appeared that Cohen was having a ball.   I couldn't believe it when she sent me a picture of Cohen and Ella Grace getting on the Mindbender...a roller coaster I was #1 surprised she was tall enough to ride, and #2 would even get on it since it is a bigger one that goes upside down!  Ella Grace must have knew what to say because Cohen rode with her and had no tears!  I think Cohen had a few moments with tears, being unsure of what she was riding but Dawn handled her and they made it :)  I know she handled her a lot better than I would have and Cohen probably did better for her than she would have for me.  I know she had a blast because she has talked about it all week and even drew a picture of the Mindbender :)  I have to say a HUGE thank you to my sweet sweet friends for taking her!  Not everyone would do that, but I knew I had the best friends a girl could have before this anyway! :)

Monster faces!

Ready for the Mind Bender!
While the big kids were away I kept Carolina for part of the day and she and Kate had their own fun too!  These girls played so well together!  They watched a movie, played with their babies, blew bubbles and played in the sprinkler...after the rain that is :)  They were too sweet and Kate had so much fun getting to have a friend over.  She was still asleep when Carolina got here but when I went to wake her up and told her Carolina was here she sat right up and said, "I want to see her."  It was so cute.

They wanted a picture in their knee pads :)

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