Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

We really enjoyed our 4th of July weekend.  It is so nice when it falls on the weekend so we get a long weekend of fun.  Last weekend we had celebrated the "pre-4th" weekend by watching the fireworks at the Hartwell Dam with a group of our friends.  These are probably some of Cohen's favorites because you can see them very well but because they are shot off in the distance from where we sat and watched, they were not loud.  She has always been so scared of the noise.  It was nice being with friends and getting to have fun sitting out and talking and then watching the fireworks.  We enjoyed the night and when we got back the kids all had fun catching frogs!  Kate's favorite past time!


Thursday night before the 4th we played outside until the mosquitos came out to bad and then we promised the girls a movie night together.  We all piled in the floor on a pallet to watch Planes.  Cohen and Kate both were so excited!  Kate kept saying, "this is so much fun mama!"  Sometimes I have to remind myself that its the little things that they love the most, and really us parents too!  Kate didn't make it far into the movie but Cohen watched the whole movie!
Friday we slept in a little and then got up and got ourselves ready for the day.  We cooked some things to take for lunch at the Burton's and the girls were ready to put on their bathing suits to swim with all of their friends.  We love spending the day with our family and friends and the Burton's is our tradition.  We ate, played and enjoyed everyone's company!  Around 5:00 we had to pack up.  This year we were going to Nana's house in Athens for a family low country boil dinner.   Unfortunately we didn't get to see any fireworks.  We heard plenty but couldn't see.  I think I missed that the most.  I'm glad we had been to the lake the weekend before though to see the ones at the dam.  It was a fun holiday.  Since Kelly and I started dating on the 4th of July we celebrated our "dating" anniversary.  Its hard to believe it has been 11 years since we started dating!  The years are getting by way too fast!
Cohen has been mastering her "pencil" dive.  She loves touching the bottom of the pool!

Kate thought this little chair was just for her!

Headed to Athens

11years together!

Kate, Cohen, and their little cousin Tate.  These kids were enjoying some ice cream!

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