Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A "Not So Good" Dentist Appointment & Frozen Fun

Today Cohen had her regular dental check-up.  From her last appointment we knew that they thought she may have a cavity but Dr. Stone wanted to wait until this check-up when they would do x-rays.  Sure enough she had 2 cavities!  Not what we wanted to hear, or at least not what I wanted to hear.  Cohen didn't seemed to phased by it.  She was too busy telling me how great the strawberry toothpaste had tasted.  I have never had a cavity in my life so I was asking a lot of questions.  We will go to a pediatric dentist for the filling so I'm sure that will get a good blog post :(  Her cousin Savannah has visited Dr. Pitts and had a great experience so I'm glad she will be able to tell Cohen some good stories to help her not be nervous.  And...Aunt Sara has told me that the prizes are great too!  We did also learn today that Cohen is in the process of getting her 6 year molars and Miss Shelly was pretty sure her other front tooth would be ready to pull in a week!  She even said we could stop by one day for her to pull it if Cohen wanted her too.  In other words, the tooth fairy better be on stand by pretty quick!  She will be the cutest snuggle tooth I'm sure, but it does make me sad because with losing those little baby teeth I feel like she looks even more growny!  Mama's in denial.
Kate was with us as well and I got a kick out of her...Shelly asked Kate if she was ready to have her teeth cleaned like her sister, and Kate just replied "no, I doe see Dr. Setia".  Dr. Setia is our pediatrician in Athens.  She has officially learned her doctor!

Our dentist is right beside our church which has one of the town's fountains in front of it, so when we left we couldn't help but notice how froze over the fountain was.  Cohen started begging to touch it and Kate of course joined in so I parked and we walked over.  It was a pretty sight to see!  One of Cohen's friends, JanciLayne also stopped when they saw us playing in it, and the girls were having a blast touching the ice and all the big icicles.  I laughed because this one fountain was the only thing that showed just how cold it actually is here.  We have no snow to play in or ice in the trees, but in the middle of town is one froze over fountain!  Cohen wanted to ice skate, which it is not that big nor that froze over.  Since she wants a Frozen birthday party I wish we had an ice skating rink close by!  Until that day comes we will just enjoy this one small frozen fountain and the free entertainment it provides!

Both girls were obsessed with the lion's head, and the icicles coming out of its nose

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