Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Carolina!

My girls had "tu-tu" much fun yesterday celebrating Carolina's birthday!  It was the cutest party!  Carolina's dance teacher, Mrs. Gloria, brought all kinds of costumes for each girl to wear.  They all danced on the stage to different songs.  They each got crowns, sparkles, and even some pink clip in hair braids!  That was definitely a must have for Cohen!  They were all so cute in their little costumes!  Kate loves Carolina's big sister, Ella Grace, and she was glued to her the entire time!  Ella Grace is so sweet with her too.
A cute part of the party was during one of the dance songs.  It was a song about a shark, and the girls would dance and when the shark part came on they had to be real scared.  Davis, Carolina's big brother, played the part of the shark.  Kate and her friend Autumn were pretty fascinated with the shark and after Davis would run through in the costume, they would go peek around the corner, through the door, to see if they could see him.  Later in the party, Kate came running in the room wearing the shark costume!  I mean who needs a pretty tutu when you can be a shark??  It was such a cute party and everyone had a lot of fun!
A group shot before the dancing started
Dancing with Mrs. Gloria
Making sure they are on their "house"

The scary shark was coming!

Here is Kate looking for the shark again

Kate & Autumn were first in line for the candy!

Someone was all smiles after getting some candy! 
Kate & Ella Grace

Coloring away
My Sweet Coco
Kate wearing the shark costume
I think she loved it!

More dancing with Ella Grace...there went Mr. Shark

Davis posed with the girls after the shark song

She made sure she had Ella Grace to eat with 

Present time and Carolina had a good audience!

You know where or who Kate was with!

Balloon time!!
 Later that afternoon Cohen and I went shopping with Bebe.  We bought some things for Cohen's upcoming birthday too!  I don't get much one on one time with her during the week since she is at school so its always fun to have a little special time just the two of us.  She was more than willing to give more birthday ideas out too!  She is fun to shop with as you can see...

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