Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Saturday morning was JanFest with the UGA Auxillary in Athens.  This was Cohen's first year going to JanFest and she would be going for baton.  You are supposed to be 5 years old when you go so technically this was her first year to be eligible.  It was an early start to our day since we had to be there at 8:30.  I think it was a good experience for Cohen even though it was a bit overwhelming to her, especially at first.  There are hundreds of girls there, all ages, all levels, and for a little 5 year old that is a lot to take in.  She loved watching the UGA girls perform and when they broke everyone up into their skill level groups that was when Cohen became a little upset.  After some talking and encouraging her it would be ok she did get back to the group.  Soon into the morning her group started working on 2 baton tricks, which she doesn't do yet so I took her over to the easier group for a little bit.  I'm so glad I did because not only did she also get some 2 baton work on an easier level,  she also got snacks which was right up her alley.  After working on tricks they would make marshmallow batons and she was thoroughly enjoying that.  At lunch there was a break and again she was excited for some pizza!  Cohen played with her friends at lunch and after the lunch break she was excited to get started this time.  She even told me she was not going back to the easy group that she was going to back to the first group she tried.  I had to leave after lunch so Kelly came to stay with her.  We didn't feel comfortable leaving her since we weren't sure if she would get frustrated or not and I hated for someone else to have to handle that.  She did great though!  Kelly told me she was really working hard and seemed to enjoy the 2nd half of the day much better.  They worked on a routine after lunch and performed it at the end of the day.  I was so proud of her for trying so hard and doing something she had never did before.  I know this mama was overwhelmed so my baby girl had to be.  We had fun though and she has studied her UGA majorette poster every day since.  Its good to have a goal :)
Warming up

A switch to the easier group

Showing me her marshmallow baton...all smiles now

ATRM Girls!

The girls with Mrs. Amy

Cohen & Ansley

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