Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fun at the Fair and a Birthday Party for Nana!

We had another fun weekend!  Don't you just love when Friday gets here!?!  I know I do.  Friday I had a maternity session, which I love doing!  There is something about maternity sessions that just get me.  I   think it is so sweet and I love being able to share in that special time.  Another reason I need to start a photography blog!  One day when I have more time :)  Anyway...after my session, we loaded the girls up and headed over to the big city of Carnesville for their fair!  Carnesville is such a small town but they know how to do a fall festival and fair!  Last year was their first year doing the fair part and we loved it!  It was perfect for the kids.  We were more than happy to go back again this year and once again, it didn't disappoint.  We went with our neighbors, the Harbin's, and from the time we got out of our car the kids were all excited over seeing all the rides and lights.  We got their wristbands quick and headed off to the rides.  There is nothing like seeing your kids so excited, squealing, and running from ride to ride having so much fun.  I think they rode everything they wanted except one ride and a snow cone help make up for that one.  They rode the swings, the ferris wheels, merry-go-round, slid down slides, jumped in the bounce houses.  It was a kids fun fest, and us adults enjoyed ourselves too!  It was a fun start to our weekend! Once again I had to rely on my phone for pictures!

Kate stepped in for a minute and didn't stay still as you can tell from the blur!

See our 3 babies on that BIG ferris wheel?! Their heads don't even show above the bar!
Loving their snow  cones 
Just for our girls..."sometimes you gotta put those kids down & get yourself a snow cone" 
Saturday we kept the fun going by watching our Bulldawgs beat those Gamecocks!! GO DAWGS!  SO I have no game pics this week but I do have the sweetest picture ever that I took Saturday night.  Kate has now mastered climbing out of her baby bed.  I think that started Thursday.  We're probably lucky it has been this long considering what a daredevil she is.  Well that has made bed time and nap time more than a challenge.  Nap time pretty much went away these last couple of days.  I laid her down 3 times and each time she would sneak back into the living room and just smile at me.  One time she just looked at me and said "dood mornin, I up".  I couldn't help but laugh at her!   Bed time has been tough because she climbs right out every time we lay her down.  So Saturday night Kelly rocked her to sleep and he would go to lay her down and she would wake up.  I tried and did the same thing. I finally asked her if she wanted to lay down with Cohen, who was already asleep, and she said "uh-huh".  That is what we did and she didn't make a peep.  It was the sweetest sight to see them laying there together.  I love my babies!  We may have to use this trick again.  Today Kelly did convert the baby bed to a toddler bed.  (sniff sniff)  My baby girl is growing up too fast.  I feel like we just did this with Cohen!

Today we had a special birthday to celebrate...Nana's!  She will be 81 tomorrow so we had a fun birthday party with the whole family at Sug and Pop's house.  Lydia always makes everyone feel so special on their birthday and really goes all out.  We had a delicious birthday dinner and just enjoyed seeing everyone.  We just love Nana so much and were so glad to get to celebrate her special day! And...Happy Grandparent's Day to all of our grandparent's and great-grandparents.  We love love love you!
Nana & the Great-grandkids

Nana & her grandkids
You know they have to do the "silly" picture

Father/Son Twins!
Cohen was modeling her "outfit"
 I meant to share this earlier in the week and didn't get around to it.  Story time at the library started back up this week so I had to snap a picture of Kate at the start of the year.  She and Carolina had a good time!

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