Monday, September 23, 2013

Sleep Troubles

So I know I mentioned that Kate had mastered the "climb" out of her bed and how we had to convert her baby bed to a toddler bed.
Can't believe my baby is in this bed!
Well that has been one of the many sleep issues we have been through with her over the past week and a half.  While some days are much much better than others, we still have a time getting her to go to bed, take a nap, etc...  We have tried it all too...sleeping with Cohen, laying down with her, letting her cry it out, you name it.  We can lay with this child, have her sound asleep, and then when we make a move to get up, her eyes pop wide open and she screams, "lay wif me!"  She has to be doing this in her sleep or she has the ears of a cat!  We have closed her door and let her scream.  She beats on the door screaming, "open de doe".  A few nights she has been so tired that it has worked with us laying with her.  One night about a week ago, I came in from a picture session to find Cohen fast asleep in Kate's toddler bed and Kelly and Kate were asleep in Cohen's bed!  Talk about a mixed up sight!  This was all at 7:00 as well.  These girls were super tired!

Tonight while I was working in the kitchen, I heard a door shut and later went to inspect...I found Kate laying in the hall with her blanket and pillow.  Notice that she had shut her door to her room.  I guess she decided to walk out and lay in the hall.  We have also found her like this some mornings.  Sometime in the middle of the night she would walk out of her room and stop in Cohen's doorway.  All of our rooms are right there together though so she doesn't go far.

On top of all this, it is hard to get her to nap as well.  A few times over the last week, she has fell asleep in the car which is rare!  Then it is hard to keep her asleep as I transport her into the house.  We have had 2 success days though!  I'll take each one I can get!    The cutest thing was one afternoon we had to shut the door and let her cry.  When it had been quiet for a while we peeked in and she had fell asleep in her rocking chair with her Bible.  It was so precious.  Since this picture, I have found her in her bed asleep on her Bible and again in the chair.  I love it!

After getting her hair cut.  She was out in 3 minutes! Annie wore her out!

Each day has gotten easier but I couldn't help but document these sleep problems.  We never had a problem with Cohen that I can remember.  Cohen will still go to sleep quick in the car and once she's out, she stays out.  Hopefully Kate will get better and better.  I mean we all know how wonderful sleep is, right?!

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