Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kate 13 months (actually 13 1/2 now) and our Playdate with Cade & Nolan

Kate continues to grow at a speed I'm not happy about :)  This post is far overdue but we have been on the go so better late than never!  I don't know how long I'll keep the monthly posts up for her but she is learning so much and doing new things so as long as that's going on I will.  Kate is seriously Into. Everything.  She is on the go almost 24/7 and you do not want to turn your back on her for long at all.  This baby girl is my little daredevil.  She loves to climb and right now her motto would be "where there's a will there's a way!"  I love to watch her explore.  She loves to climb on the couch, chair or pretty much anywhere depending on where we are.  She likes to use small chairs as step stools to higher places too.  Our couch is like a personal obstacle course for her and she loves to climb over the arms and go from one end to the next. (Its L-shaped)  She continues to be the happiest little girl though. She has always been a Mama's girl and that hasn't changed.  She will just give me hugs and loves to pat my face.  She isn't into giving big wet kisses though.  I love to bring her in our room in the mornings and let her lay with me.  She likes to sit up and then just fall down on me.   She will lay all over my face showing her sweet love.  Other than having to block my face from being head-butted, these are some of my favorite moments.  Kate is still a great eater and we are about 95% off of baby food.  Every now and then I need one of those quick squeeze pouches while we're out.  She has 6 teeth totally through (4 on top, 2 on the bottom). She thinks its so funny when I brush her teeth.  She really loves it and just laughs while I'm brushing them.  She has been walking a while now but its still at the cute phase to watch.  She keeps her legs farther apart and takes quite a few spills.  She likes to play chase but the more excited she gets the quicker she falls.  It is a cute sight though!  She has a hard time at the beach in the sand:)
She is talking more and more and trying to say new words.  Right now she says

  • Mama
  • Da-da
  • Baa (ball)
  • Bah-Bah (Brock)  She LOVES Brock!  She will call him when he's around.
One cute story that happened recently:
I was getting things unpacked from our beach trip (post coming soon) and things got a little too quiet.  All you moms know what I mean, the silence you all the sudden realize is going on that probably means no good!  I set out to find what Kate was up to or into rather and this is the cute face I found:
Here Mommy...MARKER

Marker tattoo on her face :)

Yesterday we had a play date with Cade and Nolan.  Cohen & Cade have always played really well together.  They had a great time yesterday and now that Kate and Nolan are getting bigger they are really cute to watch too.  While Cade and Cohen played inside and played in the kiddie pool, Nolan and Kate had fun splashing in the water table and eating snacks.  Rebekah and I really love getting to sit and chit chat about anything and everything!
Snack time makes 2 happy babies

Cohen reached up for his hand right as I snapped this...too funny
Here is a little flashback to one of their first play dates.  How sweet are these two?! This makes me want to cry...

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