Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lets Go All-Stars!

So proud of these boys!  This is the 2012 Franklin County Minor League All-Star team and I'm very proud that Brock has had the opportunity to be apart of the team.  This week has been full of All-Star fun along with July 4th fun :)  Saturday began the All-Star tournament, 100 degree heat and all.  The boys brought home a win against Rabun Co.  We headed back to Rabun Co. on Monday night for a late game!   What was supposed to be an 8:30 game started at 9:30.  The boys fought hard against Madison Co. but ended with a loss.  The game was called for time after midnight so to say they were tired would be a big understatement!  I know I sure was.  Tonight they will play against Toccoa so we are still in the middle of baseball fun.  Good luck boys!
Before Monday's game we took Cohen to have a picnic.  The tournament is being held in Rabun Co. so we decided to visit Tallulah Gorge State Park.  Cohen loves picnics so it was perfect timing.  Sug & Pop were having a sleepover with Kate since the baseball game would be starting at her bedtime.  She was a trooper at Saturday's game though.  On a funny note, Cohen continues to love taking pictures with my camera.  I think it takes up her whole face when she tries to use it.  She was wanting to take pictures of me and Kelly and she would tell us to do funny faces, smiles, and serious faces.  It was quite entertaining.  We also managed to do some with her in them.   She was excited to see some geese as well.  It was a long night but we enjoyed it all!
Enjoying the picnic

Funny faces...not sure about the fist she's holding up :)

Cohen's picture of us...a little crooked but I think its great for a 4 year old!

Our All-Star!

Brock's #1 fan

Cohen had to get a picture with Eli :)

Proud Grandma!

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