Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

We had a great 4th of July spending it with great friends!  I love this holiday so much!  I love summer and I love the traditions that come with the 4th.  We started the morning off having breakfast with all of our neighbors followed by our annual 4th of July parade.  The kids always get to decorate their bikes, wagons, or anything they want to ride.  Cohen chose her bicycle this year and Kate was in the big wagon.  It seems like Cohen was just in that wagon!  After the parade we all relaxed with some swimming.  It was just so nice to sit out and enjoy everybody.  The weather was nice too!  I love getting together with everyone and just enjoying the day!
Around 1:00 we load up and head over to the Burton's where we spend the afternoon with more swimming and being around so many of our friends and family.  There are lots of people to talk to and play with.  Nothing beats good food and friends!  Its even entertaining to watch the adults play the kids in a baseball game.   We came home for afternoon naps for the girls then headed back around 6:30 for supper and ended the night with a beautiful fireworks show!  A great way to end the day for sure.  Cohen was still scared of the fireworks this year.  She has been talking about fireworks for days and she has always associated the 4th with fireworks.  She dreaded it all day even though I told her I would give her ear phones to listen to music with.  When the fireworks started, sure enough she started to cry and we had to sit her in the car with music in the headphones.  She said she really liked them once she was in the car :)  Kate was amazed by it all and took in the show with wide eyes.  I don't think she took her eyes off of them.  Maybe she will stay that way!

Neighborhood picture!!

Kate was enjoying her pancake!

love my babies!

Ready for the parade!

 Only Denny would sit in our yard as the loyal parade watcher!  I love him!
Kate waving back to Denny

Just relaxin!

I loved the girls' 4th of July bikinis!

Swimming at the Burton's 

Kate & I...this also shows how full the pool was!

Kate LOVED this puppy

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