Wednesday, August 2, 2017

July Fun

Another summer month has come and gone.  I always feel like July flies by.  Once we reach the 4th of July, the rest of the summer flies by.  We have filled our month with so much fun.  We have really enjoyed our summer so much.  We started the month with our 4th fun, then I had my girls trip so the month got started with a bang!  We have had pool fun, water park fun, and I even had some birthday fun in there.  Since we built our pool this year, we have spent almost every day in the pool.  I can't say enough how much we have enjoyed it.

These pictures should have really made the June post the end of June we finally got to make it to one of Brock's high school baseball games.  He has played all summer but for some reason or another we have had the hardest time getting there!  The girls were ready to show their support for our favorite player and Bryce was the cutest thing ever cheering for Brock.  He was so loud but I loved him saying, "hit it for me Bock".  Even the rain shower didn't slow them down.  The girls hid under their blanket and later under the beach umbrella but it was all good and the Lions got the win!

take cover from the rain

When I clean off my phone I always have sleeping pictures of my kids.  I just think they look so sweet and peaceful.  One night Bryce decided he wanted to sleep with Cohen and she was so excited about him sleeping with her.  He actually slept all night in the bed with her so I was excited!  Usually we get woke up sometime in the night to him crawling in our bed.  He is not the best bed buddy!  That same night when I went into Bryce's room I found Kate asleep, but not in the bed, in the floor!

The kids had a fun day bowling and seeing a movie.  Since the rain canceled our kayak fun we had to settle for Cars 3 and bowling.  They had fun!

 Summer has still meant slime making too!

Josie & Cohen and their "martha" hair dos
 During VBS this year the kids brought in items for goodie bags for the residents down at the Gables Assisted Living home.  Since my Nanny lives there the girls are used to going and visiting.  On the day some of the kids were delivering the bags Kate decided she wanted to bring along her kitty piano to do some entertaining.  Here she and Sam are playing a song for this sweet lady.  She was a good sport listening to each song they played!

This is just one of those precious pictures I have on my phone!  Denny & Bryce bonding time
more pool fun with friends!

We have started our tradition of taking the kids to Lake Lanier Islands.  I think us Mama's enjoy this trip just as much as the kids.  We have to keep our obstacle course skills in tact!   We always have the best time and this year was no different.  We made a day of it!   When the rain showers came we had to put our fun on pause but since we still needed to get the obstacle course in we waited it out.  I mean a trip isn't complete without that!

After the park we ate at one of the best Mexican restaurants in Oakwood.  The kids loved it, especially the dessert!

My birthday is in July and this year the Hubs and kids along with my sweet friends made it extra special by planning a surprise party for me.  I have always loved luaus and since we had the pool this year what better time to throw a party.  It was so sweet and I so appreciated all the work that went into it.  I already knew this but I do have pretty awesome family and friends!

Bryce just hanging with the big boys!

The kids had a fun time at Sug & Pop's.  They had Camp Sug and Pop with all sorts of fun things planned!

They LOVE rides in Pop's truck! 
like I said...another sweet sleep picture
These 3 are best buddies!  I so wish Nolan was going to be with Kate & Bentley at school!
These pictures right here sum up about every day/evening at our house with Bryce.  He cannot get enough of his tractor!  This boy loves his tractors, lawn mower, and weed eater!  If you see him he will ask you if you have one yourself!  If I could freeze him right now you better believe I would.   He is the definition of PRECIOUS!

 And the last week of July we had to face the fact that school would be starting soon so that meant our annual back to school shopping trip.  This year Kate starts kindergarten so she got to be in on the chaos fun.   Dawn and I are considering doing this on our own from here on out!

When you take a picture and they all are like frozen statues

Then this happens

Followed by this...

Then this....I think Target was ready to see us leave

Last Wednesday night I flew out to Baltimore for a quick but fun trip to see my waifs!  Tina has a brand new sweet granddaughter and I was going to take some sweet newborn pics!  I got there Wednesday night finally (delayed flights are no fun).  Tara and Gordy had gotten there Wednesday night which was a great surprise!  I knew they would be there Thursday but getting there earlier was even more fun!
I loved this rainbow in the clouds!

Thursday morning we got up and had breakfast at the Little Red Schoolhouse.  Then we went to take baby pics.  I love getting my newborn baby fix!

Everyone was working hard to get the camper all closed back up...well almost everyone ;)
Thursday evening Jessica, Michael, and Maddox arrived! Waifs all together!

more baby love! 

I had to leave early Friday morning to be back in Atlanta and home so I could get packed back up for our last summer vacation!  I am currently soaking up all the fun in the sun at Amelia Island!  Another post entirely!  Oh summer, how I love thee!

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